Securus Gives Prisoners A Safe Way To Connect

When thinking of a market to penetrate that seems cutting edge, but also relatively untapped, those lacking their basic freedoms are probably not the first demographic that comes to mind. However, one company, Securus Technologies, has done just that. This company provides technology platform that caters to civil and criminal justice issues. Developers taken corrections, inmate phone calls monitoring, public safety and investigation issues into mind with their technology. This technology works on Android smartphones in addition to Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. The technology has seen more than 65,0000 downloads to applications like Android and Apple. Download the Google Play app here >>

The response has been like wildfire. Android phone apps alone have seen 60,000 downloads of this app. Apple devices have seen at least 5,000 downloads. This mobile app gives friends and family of inmates a great and easy way to connect. Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies states that the gap in the market is significant, but this was not a shrewd and cold cut pursuit of prisoner demographics. Roberts pointed out that the inmates needing to connect with their loved ones had limited options as to how they could carry out phone calls and visits. The investment in Secuurus has revolutionized the visitation process. This frees up prison expenditure on guards needed to monitor the inmates and their family. It also gives overall convenience to everyone involed.

Securus has its headquarters in in Dallas, Texas. This company provides more than 3,400 law enforcement and corrections facilities in addition to public safety services. The delivery of this app was inspired by the lack of communications options available to prisoners. With over 1,200,000 inmates in North America alone, Securus Technologies has shown its committment to improving the prospects for inmate connectedness to the world without violating security measures. After all, inmates who feel a stronger link of connection to the outside world and the positive social structures located there, are more likely to be less of a challenge to guards and more likely to find lasting ways to get out of jail, and stay out. This technology, as with the rest of Securus developments, is sure to make the world a safer place.

Securus Technologies is not in partnership with either the Securus health supplement nor the agency/website Securus America.

Securus House is another site that often is mistaken as Securus Technologies, but this site offers refuge to victims of domestic violence and is an important resource for many people.

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