“The Greyhound Diaries” Takes Doug Levitt on a Never Ending Journey Across America

For many people around the world the U.S. is a dream destination, but the American Dream is often limited to a few metropolitan areas of America where the mainstream media focuses its efforts in gathering and dispersing news. Artist Doug Levitt has been working on an ongoing project for more than a decade that has seen him travel by various bus lines to create what has become known as “The Greyhound Diaries” and has seen him complete bus journeys totaling more than 120,000 miles.

Levitt points to the childhood he enjoyed in Washington D.C. as a reason for his interest in exploring the truth behind poverty and the social crisis that is ongoing across much of the U.S. to this very day. Pointing to the statistics he has seen on poverty levels in the U.S., Doug Levitt reveals he was inspired to explore the issues facing people in the heart of the country, in part by his attendance in Washington’s public school system; Levitt states poverty is seen in the U.S. capital in some communities, but in other neighborhoods Washington can act as a bubble of protection from social and economic crises. Click here to know more.

“The Greyhound Diaries” sees Doug Levitt interact with those who travel by bus as he tours the country from event to event using the bus with little more than a laptop, guitar, and a bag with a few clothes. Levitt tells the stories of the people he meets in the form of songs, writings, spoken word events, and videos shown via a dedicated YouTube channel. Doug Levitt believes his work is important as he is casting a critical eye on the parts of the country that are often given no voice in national politics or the media. A former journalist with some of the top networks in the U.S., Doug Levitt spent much of the 1990s and early 21st century living and working in London before returning to the U.S. and discovering the truth about poverty levels in his home country.

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What You Need To Know About Bruce Bent II

A skilled businessman, Bruce Bent II develops various management strategies on short-term assets and also creates solutions to retail markets, banks, and also broker-dealers. He has become a very influential entrepreneur as a result of his commitment to his passion and profession. Mr. Bent has come up with products such as cash sweep and expanded the programs on FDIC-insured, which are a great impact on the development of technology. He served at The Reserve foundation as a Chief Executive Officer and manager, where he operated for 17 years. His duties were to ensure orderliness of sales and liquidation of the affiliates and subsidiaries before the financial crisis that occurred in 2008.

As President and Vice Chairperson of the Double Rock Corporation, a leading company in technology and financial services, he is the senior executive of six subsidiary corporations under Double Rock. Some of these companies include Island Intellectual Property and Access Control Advantage. While working at the Reserve, he facilitated its growth to achieve the second position based on the largest market funds in the globe. They employed an average of 300 people, some of them including professionals in the sales department. During his 17 year period in management, he made a tremendous significance in the company as he grew its assets from $4 billion to $130 billion.

Mr. Bent has been featured in various periodicals. In his recent one, he covered on investment strategies in the China Press and World Journal. He has also been featured in Leadership Secrets, a book that discusses the most successful Chief Executive Officers. He was cited as an exclusive expert on subject matters at the back cover.

Mr. Bruce has taken part in several initiatives such as consultancy in business ventures, intellectual property, consumer goods, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals, as well as management of assets. He joined a peer network known as the Young Presidents’ Foundation which connects an approximate 10,000 young business leaders globally. He is a member of a Condominium Association, 99 Jane Street, and was also part of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He studied at the University of Northeastern where he received a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy.

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The Sacrifice Of Two Brave Men: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

There are believed to be millions of people today who are victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. They are forced to do criminal activities, illegal immigration and other unlawful acts, causing them to be arrested and through the process, they are sometimes deprived of basic human rights. One of the most basic human rights being violated around the world would be the right of movement. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

It is stated in the universal declaration of human rights that everyone has the right to travel inside their country, as well as to travel to another country for leisure, business or to immigrate. However, because of the establishment of visa requirements, this right is presently suppressed.

Another example where the right of travel is grossly violated would be when civil wars erupt somewhere around the globe. The most recent example in our contemporary history would be the Syrian Civil War, one of the results of the Arab Spring. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

With the rise of the Islamic State, Syrians have to flee out of their country because of the fear that they can be murdered, or the fear of dying in the war itself. These refugees flock into Europe to find comfort and start a new life; however, even if they are qualified to seek safety to other nations, they are still being labelled as illegal immigrants and are being sent back to where they came from. The same thing happens to those who are escaping Africa through Libya because of extreme poverty – they drown in the Mediterranean Sea in vain.

In the Americas, one prime example would be the Latin Americans who are seeking to enter the United States to start a new life. Some of them have legal documents, but the stereotyping is strong enough that they sometimes face racism and ridicule.

Some, even if they have lived in the United States for most of their lives, are still tagged as illegal immigrants and has no hope of finding a way to be a legal immigrant.

Some people see this as a violation of the freedom of movement, and are actually fighting for their rights. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two examples of those who are fighting for the immigrant’s rights. They are based in the state of Arizona and they are actually helping new immigrants coming into the state.

They help them build new lives by assisting them in looking for new jobs and other kinds of assistance that they can provide – however, some people negatively see what their objectives are and have tried arresting them for their deeds. Those who believe in Lacey and Larkin’s cause, on the other hand, are helping them overcome these challenges that they face.

Julie Zuckerberg Promotes Positive Atmosphere in the Workplace

Julie Zuckerberg Promotes Hiring in New York City banks by offering her expertise with executive recruiting. She knows that she is able to find the best recruits for the job and that is something that she has always done to maintain all of the options that she has for the people who she has connections with. Not only is Julie great at coming up with opportunities for people to be able to work but she also does what she can to ensure that she is getting what she needs out of the different situations that she is a part of.


There are many different recruiting opportunities that banks can take advantage of when it comes to the options that they have available to them. Julie Zuckerberg works to provide these options to other people and to show them what she is capable of doing with the hiring process. Julie knows the right way to find all of the people who can work with the banks that she is a recruiter for. Julie Zuckerberg knows how to make sure that people are getting what they can from the options that they have with the different aspects of their lives and the lives of the people that they have an effect on.


Thanks to everything that Julie Zuckerberg has been able to do, the Deutsche Bank has been able to see amazing benefits. Their executives are performing better than they ever have in the past and they are also working to make sure that they can provide people with all of the different opportunities that they need. Julie Zuckerberg does what she can to help the recruits get the support that they need when they are working with the Deutsche Bank. This is something that most other recruiters do not do for the new people who they have hired.


Julie Zuckerberg wants to make sure that she can provide people with all of the recruiting opportunities that they need. She started out by making sure that she was working in the right industry. After starting with banking, she began to try different things like recruiting for insurance companies. She soon found that wasn’t the right fit and decided to go back into the banking industry to help people with the recruitment opportunities that they needed. Julie Zuckerberg soon found that she was working in the best way possible to show people that she could do more with what she had.


When Julie Zuckerberg had tried different things with different opportunities, she finally found her home with the Deutsche Bank. This was somewhere that she felt she could work with the people who were of the same mindset as her. She also found that she could get the help that she needed when working with different banking opportunities. It was something that gave her the chance to really get involved with recruiting and to be able to show that she was one of the best options that they had to be able to work with.


Wild Ark Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Eco-friendly excursions come in all shapes and sizes. Vacationers searching for a green getaway can appreciate every one of the advantages of an extravagant resort in an earth-conscious atmosphere.


Overnight guests can escape to a dream tree house within a gigantic cedar tree. The Cedar Creek Tree house is located near a national forest, in Ashford, Washington. The tree house can hold up to 5 adults and is situated 50 feet above the ground within the cedar tree limbs. The entire unit is powered by solar energy. The tree house includes a gas stove, cooler, kitchen sink and a small restroom. Visitors can spend the day swimming in a nearby stream, or enjoying the scenery of the nearby woodland.


Another ideal vacation destination for eco-friendly enthusiasts, is The Hobbit House in Neelehu, Hawaii. Hobbit House Bed and Breakfast, situated in private isolation on a lavish, tropical mountainside on Hawaii’s south side. The offbeat engineering is a “gingerbread” outline with hand-cut bars and recolored glass windows encircled in local wood. The units are equipped with solar and wind powered generators. Beauty scenery consisting of orchard and farmland stretch down to the blue pacific shoreline, and welcome the guests to this Waiohinu town hideaway. Four rooms are secretly for guests. Each unit incorporates a full kitchen, antique bedroom, extravagant lavatory and a roomy parlor with breath-taking waterfront views.


For more information on these environmental friendly travel destinations, please visit http://wildark.com.


Wild Ark was founded by environmental enthusiasts, who are focused on teaching individuals about the wild, and attempting to guarantee that our planet is secured for upcoming generations.


Wild Ark’s central goal is to secure parts of distinguished green belts throughout the world, to ensure the rich biodiversity of these zones as a method for moderating untamed life, while formulating research for individuals to reconnect with nature and be inspired to defend it.


Bruce Levenson: Helping the Youth of Maryland

Bruce Levenson, a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, is making headlines again. This time, it’s for a charitable cause. Throughout the years and his many successes, Bruce Levenson never forgot the importance of paying it forward. His latest philanthropic endeavor is The Do Good Institute.

Famously known as a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Mr. Bruce Levenson dedicated much of his life to building his own success. Levenson graduated from Washington University and American University. He also wrote for the Washington Star. Now, all his business focus is aimed at United Communications Group, a company he co-founded with Ed Peskowitz.

Bruce Levenson is the kind of philanthropist that believes people should earn their place in the world. Rather than give things away freely, Levenson supports causes that inspire people to better themselves and their community. His latest endeavor, The Do Good Institute, aims to expose undergraduate level students at the University of Maryland to non-profit and volunteering.

The goal is to inspire a new generation of non-profit business leaders. The program is the first of its kind. It inspired students on a charitable level while giving them the tools to compete with the private sector. Since its launch, students are responding the program well. This is an idea that Levenson had for many years. In a report by PR News, finally, he and his wife took the idea to the University of Maryland. To show their dedication, the Levensons put up the first $75 million. The state of Maryland then put up an extra $20 million.

Once everything was worked out, the university added Philanthropy 101 to their list of classes. Students participating in the program are given $10,000 to put toward a cause of their choice. It’s no wonder that students responded well.

Read More: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

How Much Can You Earn With Traveling Vineyard?

The Traveling Vineyard is a business model that can allow for you to make some serious cash selling their wine. There are several things you should know about in terms of this brand delivering genuine results and helping you make some good money.

The Traveling Vineyard opens doors for you to improve your direct sales skills, speaking abilities, and also improve how you work in this industry.

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How much can you earn? This depends on a lot of things, and it can fluctuate very often in fact if you are making good money one week and just an average the next week. On average, some people will make about $70 from a single wine tasting event and it can go as high as $100 or even more if you have a really good night. The goal is to simply speak to as many people as possible and really get out there. You can simply have about 2-5 different wine tasting events per week if you can handle all the work and you can make a pretty decent income just always talking and putting yourself out there. You will come to find that you can make money even while you’re sleeping. When you bring people into this business and they make sales, you make a percentage off of their work and so on.

It can go down several lines, but generally in reality, when the people you’ve invited are making good money you can be making cash as you are sleeping around the clock.

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How Does Real Estate investor Samuel Strauch Help His Colleagues?

Samuel Strauch is committed to a number of things that will make his investments better, and he often gives his clients advice that will improve their daily lives. This article explains how Samuel Strauch is changing the lives of Miami residents, helping other businessmen lives better lives and balance their investments and personal interests.

#1: Samuel Strauch Is Known In The City

Samuel Strauch is known throughout the city of Miami because of all the lovely work he has done in development and real estate. His name has been attached to a number of projects, and he helps the city grow every year with his unique brand of investing and positivity exercises.

#2: Thinking Well

Samuel Strauch believes that thinking well every day will change a life, and he wants to see a number of his partners change their thinking on their daily lives. He knows that a number of people are too tense, and he wants them to begin to think positively so that they will see the change they want in the world.

#3: Investing With Purpose

Samuel Strauch wants to see people investing with purpose so that there is a rhyme and reason for why they do what they do. Each person who is investing with Samuel Strauch will find that is quite interested in finding the silver lining for each new project, and he will often attach something that is good for the planet or the community to his investments.

The career of Samuel Strauch is quite important as it has pushed people in a more positive direction. He is helping the city of Miami grow, and he knows that there are a number of people who will find it simple to invest as he does. Their lives will improve, and they will feel more comfortable with the impact they have on society.

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Arthur Becker Goes From Real Estate Investor To Real Estate Developer

Real estate investor Arthur Becker is becoming a developer now with an eight-unit, two-year condominium project at 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. Having already invested more than $500 million in New York City projects as a quiet backer for JDS Development, Property Markets Group, Madison Equities and Ambase Corporation, Becker told The Real Deal that the boutique building would be a primer project for him. Becker, who is a former home mover, is shopping for a construction loan after acquiring a 30-foot easement and the development rights on an adjacent building. Becker invests in residential real estate in Miami, as well as in New York. Becker’s New York investments include properties in Redhook, Chelsea Tower, Tribeca and the Steinway at 57th Street.

Currently, Managing Member Becker is associated with Madison Partners, LLC, a firm which specializes in real estate investments as well as investments in biotech ventures. Having said that he saw the emerging biotech sector offered considerable financial opportunities; Becker also noted that investments in these companies, particularly ones involved in new cancer treatments, have the potential to change people’s lives.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Becker talked about being the CEO of Zinio and the CEO of NaviSite; however, he focuses his efforts on being a real estate and biotech investor through Madison Partners these days. Before starting his condominium project in Tribeca, Becker finished the work on his town houses on Sullivan St. in New York City.

A prolific entrepreneur, Arthur Becker founded Bnox, a company that provided technologies for single-use cameras, in 1994. Next, Becker founded Advance Partners, LLC, a firm involved in facilitating U.S. investments in UK businesses. By 2001, Becker had started Atlantic Investors, which bought data centers, including NaviSite. Becker told Ideamensh that the hardest part of being an entrepreneur was balancing his unrelenting drive and passion with an objective analysis of his vision.


The Aftermath of Atlanta Hawk’s Sale

The American businessman Bruce Levenson is the UCG chairman, philanthropist (https://www.benzinga.com/news/17/03/9165680/university-of-marylands-non-profit-initiative-is-changing-higher-education) a mostly known as the co-owner of an NBA team. Bruce Levenson hired banks to sell the Atlanta Hawks, the NBA team. The banks were off with at least 15% considering the price they could get for the NBA team. The Goldman Sachs experts and the inner sports circle that was hired by Levenson, he wanted them to sell the Atlanta Hawks. Goldman Sachs managed to persuade Levenson that they would offer the Atlanta Hawks and the Arena managing rights for an estimated $1 billion. The Goldman Sachs figures estimation were wrong, Forbes listed billionaire Tony Ressler won the auction with $850 million bid.

Bruce Levenson was part of the former ownership (Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC) of Atlanta Hawks that filed suit against New Hampshire insurance company for violation of the contract that involving Danny Ferry claims. The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in Fulton’s County Superior Court against AIG insurance for breach of contract. According to AHBE, the employment practices, which include issues but not restrained to “Wrong Termination” and “place of work wrongdoings”, were insured. According to the court’s documents AIG had prior knowledge that the claims stated by MR. Ferry should have been covered, this was because notice it had received from AHBE.

According to the court document the AIG failed to prove that the claims had not been covered and had no basis to show that the claims had not be made. AIG had the responsibility to pay and acknowledge that MR. Ferry’s claims have caused the AIG policy, moreover, these claims were within the covered policy thus, AIG forsook to make payment of the covered loss without providing sufficient reason.