Kevin Seawright, Newark CEDC Strategic Powerhouse CFO Announces 2016 Student Employment Summer Internship Goals

Today, industry executives are plenty. What’s unfortunate is that few really imprint on society. Kevin Seawright, representing Newark CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) resonates as an exemplary business executive. In the short time, he’s joined Newark CEDC as the commanding Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Seawright’s achievements and performance has been agreeable. Youths today face tough financial decisions, especially when they’re incapable of affording a college education. Seawright recently launched a compensatory summer job program specially designed to help college students learn career goals. Newark Works, a sponsor of the program and a collective unit of city officials and organizations are optimistic about this intervention.

Seawright announced that the program is rolling this summer and should run for a duration of 6 weeks (July 5 through August 12). Of course, Newark CEDC endorsed this initiative as an effective strategy to address the city’s somewhat unimpressive college graduate turnout. It’s not necessarily new as the city already pursued a similar intervention. Last year’s youth employment program grossed an approximate 3000 job placements. With Seawright spearheading the program this year, Newark CEDC promises an estimated 3,500 internship opportunities for qualifying students. What’s more, Seawright remains sanguine about the program’s potential having already received 350 student applications. He’s approached screening differently with a web-based application process. Largely, he’s certain it’ll attract a higher application turnout since it’s not as time-intensive and frustrating as previous versions.

Essentially, successful participants stand to take away core disciplines such as financial literacy, college readiness principles, empowerment lectures and critical OJT (On-the-job training skills). Seawright has brought on top-tier investment banking specialists, TD and Santander Banks to spearhead financial literacy edification initiatives. With these foundational literacy skills, all of which are vital to surviving today’s fast-evolving industries. Seawright explained through his Twitter that the program promises a reasonable GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income) for participating students.

The CFO of New Jersey’s premier community economic development brand, announced through his Flickr Kevin Seawright received a Notre Dame University Leadership Achievement Certificate. The serial senior executive recently completed the two-part Nonprofit Fund Development Program in which he excelled. With this accomplishment in Executive Leadership, Seawright looks forward to undertaking exciting education/development endeavors at Newark CEDC.

With his expertise chiefly focusing on financial management, Seawright positively developed an attractive resume aiding the nation’s core local government entities. At Newark CEDC where he now commands the CFO/VP residency, Seawright fronts a formidable advantage. Certainly, he remains committed to endorsing philanthropic and social endeavors with the interesting of enriching community cultural heritage while developing resources.  Check Kevin out on SoundCloud for further information.

Missouri Professor Melissa Click Defends Career

As a tenured professor there aren’t any worse ways to enter the world of the media than by having your worst moment recorded for the world to see. However, that is what happened to Missouri Professor Melissa Click when she went viral for demanding ‘muscle’ to help her remove student protestors at the University of Missouri. Since then Click has seen her career go sideways with a suspension from school and she has also been leveled with criminal charges for her part in demanding violence against the student journalists. Where does Melissa Click go from here?

The internet is a fickle machine in that it can broadcast even the smallest moments onto the screens of billions of people. On the other hand, the internet is also constantly shifting and finding new targets to level their attention at. While Melissa Click’s actions are destined to eventually fade into the background of whatever the latest controversy is, that sometimes cannot be enough or come quickly enough for the people currently embroiled in it.

Since her controversial statements in the video, which she has since profusely apologized for, the suspended teacher has garnered the support of nearly all of her work colleagues. While this may get her job back it won’t help her online reputation. To fix your online reputation you need a different sort of help. The kind that a company like Status Labs can offer.

Since the video went viral Melissa Click has worked hand in hand with the quickly-growing Texas based public relations firm, Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that focuses on minimizing PR damage and maximizing PR effectiveness. Status Labs has been in the industry for years now but they’ve become a revered company for the way that they step up to the plate for those in need. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, took particular interest in Click’s case.

Feeding the Hungry Through Social Media

Many people have heard of the largest social media platform available called Skout. It is used for finding a date or a friend that is close to where you are currently hanging out. Skout was actually one of the very first dating sites on the internet, and it has helped many people finally find true love. Playing matchmaker isn’t all that Skout does though. Recently, they were featured in the news because of the unique way that they are helping their community by feeding the hungry.

Skout was started in San Francisco, and that is where its roots still run deep. They care about the community of people in their home town so much that when they found out hunger was a major problem there, they knew they had to do something to help. Last year they paid for 10,000 people to get the food they needed on National Grilled Cheese Day. This year, they made it 20,000. The way that Skout is choosing to help feed the hungry is a little different and pretty creative. In honor of National Potato Chip Day this year, they set up a way that members of their site can give each other a bag of virtual potato chips. The times that the bags of chips get given out will be counted. When the number reaches 20,000, that is the stopping point. Anyone who wants more information about how to participate can find it on the site’s blog. The SF-Marin Food Bank, which is the beneficiary of Skout’s donation to feed the poor, often only gets donations during the winter holidays.

Forefront Capital Advisors Partners with Easter Seals Dixon Center

Forefront Capital Advisors, a financial institution that is based in America recently announced a new partnership with its consumers and clients. On the 29th day of February, Brad Reifler, the founder, and CEO of the company made the important announcement to the public. Forefront Capital will be working with Easter Seals Dixon Center in the near future. In addition to the partnership, Brand Reifler announced that his company would donate a generous amount of three million dollars.

At the time of the announcement, Brad Reifler was happy about the partnership. According to him, his company had reached the agreement to do the partnership after they realized just how much Easter Seals Dixon Center has managed to do for the military and the veterans’ families in the recent years. The company has brought a lot of positive changes in these people’s lives, and this has earned them a special recognition from forefront capital. The veterans and the militia play an important role in the country by ensuring that the country is protected all the time, and very little is done to appreciate them. They are exposed to many dangers in their jobs, and a good number also lose their lives in the process. To do something to transform their lives, Easter Seals Dixon Center decided to offer them life-changing opportunities so that their families live a better life. The company offers opportunities to improve the military. They offer education, healthcare, and many other important facilities.

Easter Seals Dixon Center will benefit from the new partnership, according to what Brad Reifler said on Twitter. Through the partnership, Forefront Capital will have an opportunity to participate in the noble course, changing the lives of the military and the veterans. First of all, they will have to empower the company that has been helping the military, and this way, the military, and their families will get the financial help they need.

The donation of three million dollars issued by Brad Reifler and his company will go a long way in helping Easter Seals Dixon Center and all the programs or activities they offer the military. Forefront Capital is very excited about the partnership, and they look forward to making all the difference in the lives of the American soldiers. shows Brad Reifler is a business person and entrepreneur who deal with various activities. He is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, since 2011. He is knowledgeable in hedge fund management because he has worked for several companies. He founded Pali Capital with the help of another partner.   Brad took the company to the middle class, and Forefront has thrived ever since.

Helane Morrison bringing back the long lost confidence in the finance sector of the economy

In August 2007, there was an economic crisis that shocked everyone nationwide. The very trusted institutions crumbled and turned to the government for a bailout. The worst financial crisis ever since the 1930’s great depression exposed a lot of unethical conducts that were going on in the whole financial sector. Malpractices like fraud, underhanded dealings and falsified records were revealed.

In Wall Street, faith in financial institutions was completely lost, and stock markets collapsed. People turned to the under beds and socks to store their money. Several years later, the mistrust is still not lost.
With the 2016 presidential elections approaching, investors and economists predict that the feeling of unease could get worse. According to Yale Hirsch, the founder of the Hirsch Organization, presidential elections have a great impact on the economy and even the stock markets. The stock market has a habit of slowing down before an election as the investors wait to observe how the new government will organize its fiscal policies.
For the trust to be restored, and to ensure that all the security laws and trading regulations are followed to the latter, someone is required to be a watchdog. The person should be a person of integrity, assertive, and impossible to intimidate.  Helane Morrison has already proved to be all this and is changing the world of finance.
Due to her notable achievements, the government appointed Helane Morrison to her  job in the US Securities and Exchange San Francisco Office to ensure fair dealings. In collaborating with the government agencies and the media, and also using her skills in journalism and law, she has succeeded in ensuring that all transactions remain above board.
Morrison was born in Brooklyn, New York. She studied journalism and law after which she was accepted to the state bar of California in 1987. Morrison started her career in 1984 as a law clerk for Richard Posner. Through her career, she has served many important positions that have seen her grow and make a difference in the whole economy. Under her leadership, the San Francisco SEC office has been able to prosecute high-profile fraud cases, instances of insider trading and violations by investment advisers and brokers.