Leadership Training In OSI Group’s European Operations Underway

As one of the largest meat processing firms in the world, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people around the world. The company operates 65 plants in 17 countries — but no matter what the nation or location, OSI Group places a premium value on its people. Read more on careerbuilder.com

As OSI President David McDonald said, that adage about “a company being only as good as the people who work for it” just happens to be true. Happy employees earning good pay in a safe and clean work space, and people who enjoy coming to work every day, is a key driver of robust business success.

Leadership is also a key factor. The OSI Group philosophy is that leadership is not just for the boardroom. It is not strictly a top-down dynamic. Leadership is important on many levels and within every diverse department of a complex company.

The OSI Group facility in Gersthofen, Germany, recently launched a leadership training program focused on shop floor managers and supervisors. The program is designed to develop skills in the rapidly changing and evolving business climate of the food industry — where constant innovation and change require strong adaptation skills.

Leadership and the ability to communicate effectively are critical skills that make the difference between a smoothly running operation and one that drifts into sub-par production modes.

OSI Europe’s Training Manager Nigel Hurley said bringing out this comprehensive leadership and communication training program shows OSI Group’s intense commitment to developing its people on every level. Trainees in the program will work through an 18-month course of “modules.” The topics are leadership, communication, change management and virtual leadership.

Part of the program is getting feedback from employees who work through the modules. Silke Heller is a project manager at the Gersthofen facility. She said the training she has completed so far has enhanced her understanding of the dynamics and process of leadership. This insight, Heller said, has given her an all-new perspective on being a manager who is also part of a team.

OSI plans to roll out the 18-month training program throughout its other European locations.

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