Kevin Seawright, Newark CEDC Strategic Powerhouse CFO Announces 2016 Student Employment Summer Internship Goals

Today, industry executives are plenty. What’s unfortunate is that few really imprint on society. Kevin Seawright, representing Newark CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) resonates as an exemplary business executive. In the short time, he’s joined Newark CEDC as the commanding Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Seawright’s achievements and performance has been agreeable. Youths today face tough financial decisions, especially when they’re incapable of affording a college education. Seawright recently launched a compensatory summer job program specially designed to help college students learn career goals. Newark Works, a sponsor of the program and a collective unit of city officials and organizations are optimistic about this intervention.

Seawright announced that the program is rolling this summer and should run for a duration of 6 weeks (July 5 through August 12). Of course, Newark CEDC endorsed this initiative as an effective strategy to address the city’s somewhat unimpressive college graduate turnout. It’s not necessarily new as the city already pursued a similar intervention. Last year’s youth employment program grossed an approximate 3000 job placements. With Seawright spearheading the program this year, Newark CEDC promises an estimated 3,500 internship opportunities for qualifying students. What’s more, Seawright remains sanguine about the program’s potential having already received 350 student applications. He’s approached screening differently with a web-based application process. Largely, he’s certain it’ll attract a higher application turnout since it’s not as time-intensive and frustrating as previous versions.

Essentially, successful participants stand to take away core disciplines such as financial literacy, college readiness principles, empowerment lectures and critical OJT (On-the-job training skills). Seawright has brought on top-tier investment banking specialists, TD and Santander Banks to spearhead financial literacy edification initiatives. With these foundational literacy skills, all of which are vital to surviving today’s fast-evolving industries. Seawright explained through his Twitter that the program promises a reasonable GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income) for participating students.

The CFO of New Jersey’s premier community economic development brand, announced through his Flickr Kevin Seawright received a Notre Dame University Leadership Achievement Certificate. The serial senior executive recently completed the two-part Nonprofit Fund Development Program in which he excelled. With this accomplishment in Executive Leadership, Seawright looks forward to undertaking exciting education/development endeavors at Newark CEDC.

With his expertise chiefly focusing on financial management, Seawright positively developed an attractive resume aiding the nation’s core local government entities. At Newark CEDC where he now commands the CFO/VP residency, Seawright fronts a formidable advantage. Certainly, he remains committed to endorsing philanthropic and social endeavors with the interesting of enriching community cultural heritage while developing resources.  Check Kevin out on SoundCloud for further information.

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