How We Caught a Fugitive Using Securus Technologies

When there is a fugitive on the loose, my team of officers are called in to take care of the situation before things get out of control. The call we received this week was especially alarming because this suspect was holding up banks in the area on a regular basis. Just when we thought he was done, he would resurface and hit the same three banks in the same order. At this point we knew he was baiting officers to try and arrest him, something we were determined to do.

The last bank that was robbed provided us a clue to the identity of our suspect. When he tried to get away, the dye-pack exploded and he dropped everything right on the street. We were able to get fingerprints and even DNA sample, now all we needed was to find our suspect. We knew that no one in the town was talking, so we had to go where we know people can not resist the urge to talk about crimes.

At the local prison, the inmates know me and my team all too well. They knew why we were there this time, and even though they will never talk directly to us, we had a secret weapon in Securus Technologies this time. The company installed the inmate call monitoring system, and we knew if we listened long enough, these crooks would rat each other out in a heart beat.

That afternoon, the system detected chatter from one inmate complaining he was never compensated for helping with the first robbery, and mentioned how our suspect and his girlfriend blew the money at the casino. We put the girlfriend under surveillance, having never even heard of her before, and she was the key in helping us catch our suspect in the act later that week.