How Much Can You Earn With Traveling Vineyard?

The Traveling Vineyard is a business model that can allow for you to make some serious cash selling their wine. There are several things you should know about in terms of this brand delivering genuine results and helping you make some good money.

The Traveling Vineyard opens doors for you to improve your direct sales skills, speaking abilities, and also improve how you work in this industry.

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How much can you earn? This depends on a lot of things, and it can fluctuate very often in fact if you are making good money one week and just an average the next week. On average, some people will make about $70 from a single wine tasting event and it can go as high as $100 or even more if you have a really good night. The goal is to simply speak to as many people as possible and really get out there. You can simply have about 2-5 different wine tasting events per week if you can handle all the work and you can make a pretty decent income just always talking and putting yourself out there. You will come to find that you can make money even while you’re sleeping. When you bring people into this business and they make sales, you make a percentage off of their work and so on.

It can go down several lines, but generally in reality, when the people you’ve invited are making good money you can be making cash as you are sleeping around the clock.

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