Kate Hudson’s Diligent Attention On The Power of The Crowd For Fabletics’ Growth

Marketing a brand requires instinct, perspective and a skillset that may be just unique to some people. Not everyone can display the sufficiently enticing traits that make selling a product successful.


In the case with Fabletics, only a few individuals such as Kate Hudson have the characteristics that merit praise and that make launching a brand such as Fabletics reach its highest potential.


The truth behind Kate Hudson’s talent in developing Fabletics tells us that she has used the power of leveraging the opinions of people to develop outstanding clothing. This strategy is not surprising. In the report from Huffington Post, an analysis showed that only through the leverage of the power of the crowd can brands get to pick up on their growth. The consumer looks at crowd-sourced feedback and opinions of the products a brand offers, and so it can’t be ignored that companies like Fabletics should value the power of the crowd that dictates the product’s growth.


The Power of The Crowd Strategy does work because the most critical analyst of Fabletics can still see about 200% growth of the company or at least $235 million growth increase since its started, and all these sales come from the one million loyal and hard-playing customers of the brand. The Corporate Marketing Officer of the TechStyle company that is the parent company of Fabletics said that much of this success comes from the strategy of Kate Hudson and her team to embrace the influence of user reviews.


Kate Hudson’s Star Power

Kate Hudson is the prominent star behind the excellent movie Almost Famous. Since then, she has made numerous films that indeed got stuck in the minds of her ardent fans. It makes no difference whether it’s a horror movie or a romantic flick; Kate Hudson does them all with a stamp of professionalism rarely seen in the showbiz industry.


It is this same energy that Kate Hudson applies to all the strategies she uses in her involvement with the Fabletics brand. Just as Kate Hudson values the opinions of the users in managing her career, Kate uses the user reviews as a fuel to make sure that her hands-on experience in running the Fabletics brand is responsive to users’ criticism.


Kate Hudson’s Take on Fabletics

The positive things that Kate Hudson did for the Fabletics brand, indeed, churned out a lot of praise for the brand, including appreciation from media organizations like Forbes magazine. In the magazine feature, Kate Hudson’s career got traced with an emphasis on her growth from a star in Almost Famous to her involvement in Fabletics’ brand.


The main ingredient in Kate Hudson’s take in developing Fabletics lies in her desire to be authentic in the products she sells. She won’t be selling anything if it’s not authentic, and this emphasis did pay off. With her belief in the authenticity of the core of the business values of Fabletics, she can generate more sales.


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