Entrepreneur Jeff Aronin, Helping Patients Who Fall Through The Cracks

Early in his 20 year career, Jeff Aronin discovered what would later become his life’s work. In his work with a physician treating a child with seizures, Aronin observed the doctor choose to treat the child with medication, rather than brain surgery. This inspired Aronin to set his own course for the treatment of rare diseases through the use of medication.

Jeff Aronin graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and from DePaul with an MBA. In 2000, he formed Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. His new company’s mission was to develop drugs for patients with few treatment options. Then another company, called Lundbeck, bought Ovation for $900,000 and kept Aronin on as CEO. , in 2010, Aronin became the chairman and CEO of a company known as Paragon Biosciences, Following this, he and Paragon focused on the Chicago area. Aronin and his new company worked on identifying unmet medical needs, then on forming companies geared to bring new medications to market. Aronin focused on making it easier for patients to get much- needed medicines, thus creating more medication options for doctors, as well.

Aronin and Paragon approached their work in the following way: understanding a person’s disease; identifying innovative science, i.e. development of a new medicine, and creating a company to market the medication. Aronin’s career goal was to bring needed medicine to folks who have few, if any, choices for treatment, thus providing hope and help. So far, Aronin’s company has developed and marketed 13 new medicines for people who have rare diseases.

As for other of Jeff Aronin’s endeavors, he is on the board of directors of Word Business Chicago and the board of directors of Discover Financial Services. Aronin developed The Aronin Family Foundation, which funds Chicago-area hospitals and clinics. Under Aronin’s tutelage, Paragon Biosciences has gone on to create two companies: Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals which serves people with epidermolysis, a blistering disorder, and Harmony Bioscience, which deals in narcolepsy and cataplexy, two central nervous system disorders. Aronin and his company have also served in an educational role, conveying the issues around the treatment of rare diseases, to the community.