Dick Devos At The Gold Cup

The 2016 Gold Cup was held at the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club. It was a fantastic sight for the spectator’s to watch. Dick Devos was the winner in this race, but all the contestants did extremely well too. The whole, exceptional event was a thrill from the beginning to the end. There wasn’t anyone that wasn’t riveted by what they saw when they were watching the race. It was well worth their time to be present for the display of expertise on the waters. The experts out on the water, sure gave Dick Devos a run for his money too. They were all great competitors and enjoyable for the audience to watch.

Dick Devos Is A Sailor And A Lot More

Since Dick Devos has always been a great sailor, he has won titles and appeared at several different regattas.

The Background Of Dick Devos

Dick Devos is an educated man, graduating from Northwood University. He was also the CEO of Amway, where he worked for many of his younger years. He is a very community minded person, and he helps in many ways with different foundations to help the people that live in his area. He also ran for governor at one time because he cares immensely how the people are doing. With all that he is capable of doing, it has been a very important time for him to give back to the community in as many ways as he can.

We will surely see Dick Devos in more sailing competitions in the future. He will continue to win them. As he moves through life with his wife, children and grandchildren, he will continue to be an avid part of his community. This man is hard to not hear about, after all, he is one of the 67 richest people in the world, according to Forbes. He is worth a lot of money, coming in at $5,100,000,000. That is hard for most people to dream of ever beating, as well as beating him in a sailing competition.

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