Marathon Pharmaceuticals – Going Above and Beyond

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is not your normal pharmaceutical company. Many pharmaceutical companies are in the drug business to make a big profit. These corporations create drugs to help the masses, where they can sell the most product. Not Marathon Pharmaceuticals though. They are creating drugs for the diseases that aren’t so common, and for those who don’t have many options in the way of treatments. They also manufacture products that aid in the comfort of patients.


This company has created a pain killer for children called ZiNGO. Marathon Pharmaceuticals goal in this product is to make medical procedures less terrifying for kids. I am very excited to hear about this new product. I have taken several kids to the hospital when they were in distress and have had to hold them down while they get the IV. It can be terrifying for both the parent and the kid. There are tears, whaling, and screaming from the child as they are scared, and because those IVs really hurt. Also, there are tears from parents like me because we do not like to see our children afraid and in pain. All of this agony is on top of the trauma, injury, or illness that is causing the need for the IV in the first place.


ZiNGO is great because it is simple, sterile, and no needles!! It’s also great because it takes effect super quick. We have used Lidocaine cream before and it takes forever to numb the spot where the needle will be going in, so most medical professionals have just said to deal with the pain and trauma because they are not waiting. No more though because ZiNGO solves that problem! I hope that the hospitals close to me get their hands on this product soon so my family can enjoy the benefits next time we have to make a trip to the hospital!