William Saito; the Skilled Technologist who defies all Odds to Become Japan’s Finest

You probably know how a successful person looks like. Nevertheless, there are still questions about how they achieved their success. Perhaps you have heard of the adage that perseverance and luck are two of the most useful ingredients for success. Well, the only issue with that adage is its vagueness. It is like saying that you would like to maintain a healthy life without digging deep into the requirements of living a healthy life. With that said, it takes passion and commitment for an individual to be successful in whatever their endeavors are. William Saito is one successful technologist who breaks down the success ingredients through a career he has built for years.

Background Data

With success being a vague term that requires the input of a professional such as Saito to live it up for the people, it has become increasingly important for people especially the emerging entrepreneurs to have a role model. William Saito fits this bill as he started his career straight from college where he launched his first tech-based company that dealt with software.


Like any other young child growing up, William Saito had dreams. While attending junior school, his father was called for a school meeting and asked to get him a personal computer that he could use for learning scientific and mathematical projects because he was astonishingly good at the two disciplines. Later in the years, he joined the University of California and became an entrepreneur. For his first business, Saito formed a computer company that he later sold to Microsoft.

William Saito Ventures into Big Entrepreneurial Deals

From school, Saito became a venture capitalist and recognized entrepreneur vastly taking over Japan’s major tech revival. Coupled with a keen eye for entrepreneurial ventures, he managed to earn a stellar reputation in the community of startups. With his position in the society, Saito has helped many entrepreneurs to accomplish their goal by transforming their business ideas into reality.

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Apart from the major success stories highlighted about William Saito, he also had some low points in his career where he could not communicate in English even as a senior official. However, that did not deter him from curving his came into the industry of technology.

The Overview

Passion, resilience, and dedication are the key determining factors of a successful career. In the words of William Saito in his interview with Ideamensch, failure is part of life. Irrespective of what you are dealing with, you need always to bounce back and deal with the failures as well as the challenges.