Mike Heiligenstein Participates in the Williamson County Growth Forum

It has been a tradition for Austin area’s transit debates to focus on issues that affect the city itself. However, things changed during the Williamson County Growth Summit, which was held in December 2016. This Summit unveiled a chance for panelists to debate on challenges that Austin’s suburban communities encounter.


The panel


The Williamson County Growth Summit brought to the table executive director of CTRMA, Mr. Mike Heiligenstein, ArgoDesign’s creator, Mr. Jared Ficklin, creator of RideScout, LLC, Mr. Joseph Kopser, and Mr. Leandre Johns, who leads the Texas External Affairs. The event took place at the distinguished Sheraton Georgetown Conference Center. They discussed the impact of technology on the status of transportation in the Austin and around the world.


Heiligenstein’s sentiments


Heiligenstein stated that Austin area should invest in modernizing its transportation infrastructure by building more roads. He said that expanding transportation capacity would meet the mobility demands of Austin’s drastically growing population. He added that most of the population growth is occurring in the suburbs like Williamson County. Heiligenstein noted that innovative tech, including ridesharing application and driverless automobile, could radically change Austin’s transportation infrastructure.


Ficklin’s opinions


Ficklin insisted that building and land-utilization laws should remain flexible. That way, rapid changes in the construction of roads and parking garages will be accommodated. He called for the amendment of the existing construction codes to make them more flexible.


Leandre Johns’ thoughts


Leandre Johns stressed the importance of embracing new technologies in the transportation sector. He said that Uber technologies could improve the quality of transport services that residents of Austin receive.


What is The Mobile Authority?


The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority (CTRMA) concentrates on upgrading transport infrastructure in counties such as Travis and Williamson. Its overall goal is to implement inventive, multi-modal transportation solutions that moderate congestion and establish transportation options that boost economic vitality as well as the quality of life. The Mobile Authority has a professional staff managed by Managing Director Mike Heiligenstein. It offers staffing support for unique projects by using private industry contractors.


Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein is a thought leader committed to changing the face of Williamson County. He landed the managing director role at Regional Mobility Authority after a seven-member CTRMA governing council picked him from three finalists in 2003. Heiligenstein sits on the advisory council of the Texas Transportation Institute. Mike’s board services range from Tunnel, Envision Central Texas, Turnpike Association, and the International Bridge. He obtained his undergraduate-level and two master’s degrees from the Austin-situated University of Texas.

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