Doe Deere’s Online Breakthrough


There may be some people out there in the beauty world who think there aren’t any new ideas happening in cosmetics, but a bold and original CEO/Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere is proving them wrong with her line of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

These cosmetics used bright, bold and uniquely different color palettes to create looks that are striking, stunning and beautiful in a very different way.

Deere is a Russian emigre who grew up in New York but who now calls Los Angeles her home base. It’s there that she first developed the colors and creative ideas that are the foundation of the Lime Crime line.

Lime Crime offers a full range of makeup products, including lipsticks, lipcolors, and eyeshadows that really make a bold statement about beauty. Deere’s use of color in the product line is daring and original. The colors in her Unicorn Lipstick line (Unicorns are a major element in the whole Lime Crime brand vibe) range from electric blue, dazzling red, deep green, purple, pink, and even yellow.

The Velvetines Lip color line from Lime Crime is the first lip color ever to go on liquid and then set in a matte texture — without crumbling!

The Instagram Connection

Deere has had many breakthroughs with Lime Crime, and her use of the Internet to market the product line has been brilliant. Instagram has played a large role in the cosmetic brands’ marketing push, with Lime Crime users sending in photos displaying their artful use of the company’s lip colors and shadows. Deere has a canny understanding of how the Internet works, and she has used to well in spreading the word about the new looks that can be achieved with Lime Crime cosmetics.

Deere has also kept Lime Crime products at an affordable price point, and this aspect has brought it additional publicity, as it is often mentioned on blogs as a less costly but high quality alternative but high quality to higher priced cosmetics, like lipsticks from the Kardashians.

When it’s time to get really bold but stay on a reasonable budget, Lime Crime is really becoming the smart choice.

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Feeding the Hungry Through Social Media

Many people have heard of the largest social media platform available called Skout. It is used for finding a date or a friend that is close to where you are currently hanging out. Skout was actually one of the very first dating sites on the internet, and it has helped many people finally find true love. Playing matchmaker isn’t all that Skout does though. Recently, they were featured in the news because of the unique way that they are helping their community by feeding the hungry.

Skout was started in San Francisco, and that is where its roots still run deep. They care about the community of people in their home town so much that when they found out hunger was a major problem there, they knew they had to do something to help. Last year they paid for 10,000 people to get the food they needed on National Grilled Cheese Day. This year, they made it 20,000. The way that Skout is choosing to help feed the hungry is a little different and pretty creative. In honor of National Potato Chip Day this year, they set up a way that members of their site can give each other a bag of virtual potato chips. The times that the bags of chips get given out will be counted. When the number reaches 20,000, that is the stopping point. Anyone who wants more information about how to participate can find it on the site’s blog. The SF-Marin Food Bank, which is the beneficiary of Skout’s donation to feed the poor, often only gets donations during the winter holidays.