Shea Butter: A Trusted All Natural Ingredient

The importance of using natural ingredients has become quite the trend nowadays. The benefits of all natural products is so popular and desirable. Shea butter is one the natural products that holds many benefits to people worldwide. It is used in many different situations for very different reasons. It’s versatility has made Shea butter an ingredient that is found in many different products.

Shea butter is mostly known for its moisturizing purposes. It is very good at keeping the skin healthy and hydrated and can even be found in many chapsticks. Shea butter derives from the African Shea Tree and is simply a fat. This fat is a miracle ingredient used for many things. It is used for cooking in many countries. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory on swollen parts of the body. Shea butter naturally provides a bit of UV protection which is a plus as well. One huge use that it serves is it helps the elasticity of the skin. Therefore many pregnant women use shea butter during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks or reduce the appearance of them. It also has an anti-aging element, which promotes natural collagen production in the skin. The list goes on and on- Shea butter can do so many different things for you!

One fantastic brand worth mentioning is Eugenia Shea. This company is known for their three different strengths of shea butter: pregnancy strength, dermatological strength and everyday strength. The pregnancy strength is perfect for preventing those awful stretch marks. The everyday use is perfect for keeping skin smooth and healthy. And lastly, the dermatological strength is used on hard problem areas. If you suffer from excema, for example, this formula would be ideal for you.

Eugenia Shea prides itself on providing 100% natural Shea butter. There formulas have been proven beneficial in each scenario and the brand is highly trusted. If you are a fan of using an all natural ingredient to help the health of your skin, Eugenia Shea is for you!