TV Producer Norman Lear Launches His First Podcast With Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

There are not many media executives who have been able to gracefully manage the transition from a media environment in which analogue forms of media such as television, radio, newspapers and print magazines were the primary ways that people got their news and enjoyed their entertainment. Some institutions and individuals have found the transition from a world where the hometown newspaper and local radio station reigned supreme to a world where these entities are facing more competition from the internet difficult to manage. But veteran radio executive Norman Pattiz is not one of those professionals.

Pattiz is known for making his mark in the world of radio where he oversaw some of the most high profile radio broadcasts in his industry. Today Pattiz is the man behind a growing podcasting empire that is known as PodCastOne. Pattiz has gone from being a titan in his industry that was asked by more than one American president to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors to being a leader in the new and dynamic podcasting industry. His company hosts podcasts from some of the most recognizable names in entertainment and journalism such as Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla and Heather Dubrow. In April of 2017 Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne announced that they would be adding another well known personality to their roster of podcast hosts. Pattiz partnered with television producer Norman Lear to launch a new podcast that is known as All of the Above. Learn more:

Norman Lear has captivated and won over audiences throughout the years by producing some of the most popular shows in television history. Some of these shows include The Jeffersons which followed the feisty patriarch of a small family as they made the transition from a humble abode to a “deluxe apartment in the sky” and the family comedy Good Times. Lear is also known for producing shows like All In The Family, Maude and One Day at a Time. Now with the help of PodcastOne and its Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz Norman Lear made his podcast debut this past Spring. Learn more:

Lear’s podcast All of the Above takes place on a weekly basis and covers topics such as politics, music, pop culture, family issues and comedy. All of the Above also features guests that include everyday people and celebrities like comedian and actress Amy Poehler, comedian Jerrod Carmichael, actress America Ferrera of Superstore and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Listeners will likely enjoy listening to Norman Lear’s perspective as a man who has lived a life that includes fighting in World War II and becoming a television luminary.