Online Reputation Management Is Not Just for Facebook Anymore

All search engines tell the public about your business. The messages conveyed by the search engines are your business’ online reputation. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is not as easy as it used to be and extends beyond Facebook.

Articles like, Maria Lopez’s “How to Manage Your Online Reputation”, explain the new ORM environment and how your business can adapt to it. A number of great tips and insights were provided. Continue reading to view the “key-points” I found most interesting.

Did Someone Mention My Business?

Just ask Buzzsumo to learn more about your business’ mentions. Basically, you can use this tool to narrow down who is talking about your business, brands, products, or services. You’ll want to keep an eye on this. To do so, simply set up alerts to notify you of future mentions.

What Can I Do to Help Manage My Business’ Online Reputation?

ORM can be done yourself says, although it may prove to be a daunting task. You will need to engage your audience in few different “arenas” on the internet. Without them, it will be hard to make a sizeable dent in your business’ ORM.

A presence must be should be established on a blog, a website, and all appropriate social media platforms. This will require consistent engagement, meaning posting and posting often. Not just any content will do. You want content relatable to your business and keep it positive. In addition, use “calls to action” often (e.g. “click here to buy”, “like our page”, “tag us…”, etc…).

Two “Wrongs” Do Not Make a “Right”

Do not, I say again, do not engage negativity with more negativity. When taking a business online, it is natural to fear negative comments. They are an inevitability and something you should prepare for.

When faced with a negative comment or feedback, do your best to accommodate that individual without being defensive. Preserve your reputation and relationship with that individual by addressing their needs like a professional.

My Brain Hurts

Do you feel the same way? Try researching ORM companies to assist your business.


Status Labs President Gives Tips On How To Deal With Online Leaks

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that enables clients to communicate with their audiences using interesting content. This will help drive up sales and revenue. Status Labs offers creative solutions to meet each clients specific needs. Status Labs is dedicated to helping clients grow their sales using different marketing and public relations strategies. Status Labs works with companies in over 30 different countries.


The President of Status Labs is Darius Fisher. Fisher has helped Status Labs build the strategic vision of the company, build alliances with agencies, and recruit new sales and account management teams. Recently, Fisher gave his checklist for how to deal with online crises, especially people who get doxxed. Getting doxxed is having a person’s personal information leak online.


First off, Fisher says that the first big step is to get rid of all personal data that is online. Things such as your phone number and home address should not be online. Find the information sites, and go through the process to opt out of their database, which may sell your personal information to anyone who pays for it. Be sure to check their databases every year, as they tend to repopulate. If you want to register a domain name, do it privately.


Next, Fisher thinks that all social media accounts should be private, unless you are a public figure. Changing your passwords consistently is also beneficial. It is important to use a different password for every login and do not use passwords that are easy to figure out.


Google yourself from time to time and see what comes up. Try to buy your domain name. Google’s search algorithms put a priority on personal websites and domain names. In general if you are doxxed, just remember to stay calm.  If your hacked information ends up on someone’s social media account, file a complaint to get their account suspended.

More information for Status Labs:

Missouri Professor Melissa Click Defends Career

As a tenured professor there aren’t any worse ways to enter the world of the media than by having your worst moment recorded for the world to see. However, that is what happened to Missouri Professor Melissa Click when she went viral for demanding ‘muscle’ to help her remove student protestors at the University of Missouri. Since then Click has seen her career go sideways with a suspension from school and she has also been leveled with criminal charges for her part in demanding violence against the student journalists. Where does Melissa Click go from here?

The internet is a fickle machine in that it can broadcast even the smallest moments onto the screens of billions of people. On the other hand, the internet is also constantly shifting and finding new targets to level their attention at. While Melissa Click’s actions are destined to eventually fade into the background of whatever the latest controversy is, that sometimes cannot be enough or come quickly enough for the people currently embroiled in it.

Since her controversial statements in the video, which she has since profusely apologized for, the suspended teacher has garnered the support of nearly all of her work colleagues. While this may get her job back it won’t help her online reputation. To fix your online reputation you need a different sort of help. The kind that a company like Status Labs can offer.

Since the video went viral Melissa Click has worked hand in hand with the quickly-growing Texas based public relations firm, Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that focuses on minimizing PR damage and maximizing PR effectiveness. Status Labs has been in the industry for years now but they’ve become a revered company for the way that they step up to the plate for those in need. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, took particular interest in Click’s case.