Police Leader Accused of Racism within the Police Department

George Gascon appeared before the blue-ribbon task force to answer assertion sworn in by Mr. Gary Delagnes, a former President of Police Officers Association (POA). The Gary’s action to accuse the Police Chief who once served as San Francisco District Attorney who following his disparaging remarks on racism and utterances in public that angered most the Arab Communities and racial statement Gascon made that was reportedly to have been said on an night out with his colleagues within the police Union.
Gary filled claims of racism and homophobia within the police department, these claims Gascon reputed saying that the police union had great impact on the ability of Chief of Police in regulation the reforms within the police department. Gary worked in the force for 25 years and become the President of POA before his retirement in 2013, having been in Police Service for that period he maintained working ethics and ensured disciplinary action are maintained and declaration that arise during Gascon time were never noticed.
Harvard Law School hosted a leadership forum that involved all representatives from San Francisco including Martin Halloran, the current President of POA and Union dignitaries from Cambridge. Mr. Gascon having been heavily drunk put remarks across the union members who were present that ridiculed the minorities. George also reminisced his time with Los Angeles Police department a behavior that brought shame on the members, his behavior prompted the Police patron to cool George down because his behavior will also affect his family.
Gascon being the Current Chief of Police and District Attorney, there are critics by the former ex-police leaders that Gascon is not upholding the ethics associated with his position. Mr. Halloran describes Gascon behavior as it speaks for his actions and there were no officers from the Union who could support the allegation put across in the sworn document. The Police Officer spokesman Alex Bastian said the accusations lacked integrity and Gascon cannot be hold responsible.


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