Cotemar; A Leading Company in The Mexican Oil Industry

Cotemar is a Mexican based company established about 37 years ago with the aim of providing services to the oil industry in Mexico. The company has been a major provider of services to Pemex, a state oil producer, with operations in all areas that Pemex operates. In addition to offshore oil production, Cotemar is also involved in other sectors like vessel construction and maintenance, air transport, food and lodging, and marine operation. The company has developed an extensive fleet of over 30 vessels to enable it offer these services.


Cotemar assists Pemex in developing technologies to enable it extract offshore oil resources. Services provided include maintenance and rehabilitation of platforms and processing centers in offshore installations. In their services to Pemex, Cotemar’s primary objectives include installing materials in their place in time, within the budget, with quality, safety and respecting the environment. The company ensures compliance with current environmental regulations with a high social commitment.


Cotemar provides specialized marine support boat services through housing platforms with the capacity to accommodate up to 800 people. These semi-submersible platforms can move to different locations where operations are required according to the client needs. Through its marine operations, services like structure transportation, extracted oil transportation, transportation of bulk materials, firefighting and oil spill services are available. Cotemar ensures that all its marine services are offered within the strictest regulatory and management control procedures.


Cotemar offers the service of food and accommodation on most of their platforms and boats operated at the coast. These services include food preparation, laundry, cleaning of common areas and bedding facilities in each stateroom. In their operational platforms and boats, Cotemar has an installed capacity to provide food and accommodation services to more than 4,000 people offshore. The company ensures that these services are offered within the highest standards of quality and sanitation control.


Cotemar has been on a major campaign scouting for new methods to expand its services in the oil industry. To accomplish this, the company has installed various effectiveness indicators, ensuring its customers of its commitment to offer top quality services. Cotemar is known for its excellence in generating value and delivering innovative quality solutions to its clients and stakeholders.


With the oil industry in Mexico expanding, Cotemar is in an excellent position to cement its client base by offering them services that are hard to access from other providers. This will enable it achieve its aim of being a world class sustainable oil company.

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