Alberto De Oliveira Andrade and the Success of CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was named the Executive of the year for the 2019 Car of the Year Awards that took place at Autoesporte. Although Dr. Carlos is a highly qualified Surgeon, he found great interest in the automotive industry, and he purchased Ford Landau in 1979. The company’s dealership went bankrupt hence Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade decided to purchase the resale.

Just under six years following the purchase, Dr. Carlos was the largest Ford Dealer in the entire Brazil nation. After several years, this 74-year old entrepreneur was officially given the rights as the official Renault importer. Hyundai appointed him as their representative in the entire nation. As a result of this elevation, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade build an industrial center at Goiás. He founded CAOA, and he heads the company’s board of directors as Chairman.

CAOA took over Chery, a Chinese plant in Jacareí, São Paulo that was previously under the control of the Brazillian Government. This acquisition led to an elaborate plan to widen the company’s network as well as launching newer models. Due to the popularity and success of his company, Dr. Carlos set up the first Hyundai factory in Anápolis, Brazil using his own funds and resources in 2007.

He was later on awarded the “Distributor of the Year” award which was under competition from 179 other dealers worldwide. This was a great achievement for him and his company. Furthermore, under the globalization program, Chery was introduced in Brazil later on in 2009. Additionally, the company launched the Jacareí unit in Paraíba Valley(SP). This plant was the only fully operational plant set up outside China at an investment value of 400 million dollars.

There have been various improvements to the Chery, and it looks different from the first time it hit the Brazil market. There is also the entry of Tiggo2 Crossover that is the best selling car today. Brazil will be the host to the Arrizo5 and Tiggo5X Sedan in the near future. The entry of these current models represents excellent achievements by the company regarding Equipment, style, and technology among other things. The company is also expected to showcase the Chery CAOA’s new Turbo 1.5 engine.

In 2011, CAOA sold a record-breaking 89,053 units that was the best in its entire history as an importer by then. Additionally, this increase was witnessed in the production that had a peak 38635 units. These are some of the reasons why Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was crowned with the Executive Chair of the Year Award.