A Rising Star Among Assisted Living Communities: The Manse on Marsh’s Story

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have long been in high demand as there are many people who need their care and are unable to live solely on their own. There are a large number of facilities out there that do not receive the level of care they deserve, and there are even more that are understaffed and do not care for their patients as well as they should. The same cannot be said for the Manse on Marsh facility, coming up as probably one of the best in the country, especially after winning the Caring Star award for two years in a row. Today, the Manse on Marsh facility is primly located within the San Luis Obispo area in California.

Manse on Marsh is independently owned and this special community welcomes all residents within the San Louis Obispo and Arroyo Grande regions. Thanks to all the highly positive ratings and reviews left by an overwhelming number of customers, the Manse on Marsh facility was noticed far and wide. Today, they have become recognized for their ability to exceed expectations and provide the highest level of care for their patients, which can be seen from winning the Caring Star award multiple times.

Receiving a nomination and winning the award doesn’t come easy either, since the facility must have no negative complaints and maintain a 4-star rating, along with individual 5-star ratings from residents who have stayed. Manse on Marsh smashed all the requirements without a problem, as this gorgeous facility functions remarkably and has a great atmosphere around it. The location of the facility also offers many city attractions, as it is close to several interesting places of interest, and many restaurants for residents to eat at.

Manse on Marsh has one of the best care plans that is available for assisted living communities, offering things such as meal reminders, medication management, transportation, laundry, bathing and groom, and a whole lot more. What’s great about this is they offer a specialized plan, and residents only pay for the care that they want, a with 24-hour nurse staff at the ready to help whenever needed.