All about smart Lighting form Gooee

It is interesting to note that every gadget that is leaving the manufacturer’s shop is being labeled as Smart. However, when it comes to concept such as lighting, understanding what smart really means becomes tricky because for many people, the era of CFL’s just ended and they didn’t even get used to fluorescent bulbs before they were phased out by Gooee’s LED lighting ( If you are thinking about investing in reliable lighting for the home, below are things to know about Smart Lighting.
First, the smart lighting from Gooee is going to cost a little more than the conventional bulb. This is not the kind of information that a person used to the 30 cent CFL likes to hear, but the perks of paying extra will ease your decision making process. The benefits that come from the use of the lights include the fact that you can connect them to your Smartphone and monitor them remotely. The lights are also fitted with intelligence that helps them discover your preferences in lighting and replicate the intensity, color and hues that you like at different times of the day.
These lamps are also adaptable in that you do not have to manually tune them to get them into energy saving mode along with the rest of the appliances in the home. Ultimately, this means that even with the high initial installation costs, these lights will ultimately save you money in energy bills, and also the cost of replacement because they will certainly last much longer than the CFL. They are a worthy investment.

Introducing the Internet of Buildings Courtesy of Futuristic IoT LED Lighting

Everyone’s talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) nowadays. But how many have heard of the Internet of Buildings that is slowly taking over the world? The second revolution has been brought about by smart LED’s. Soon, all traditional lighting sources become obsolete and extinct. Ideally, the grand plan is to create an interconnected labyrinth which has three definitive qualities: Ubiquity, network connectivity and access to power.

The Death of Candescent Lights

The elephant in the room remains: Who’s going to prevail in these wars? Who will dominate the market in the end? Of course, the winner will have to come up with intelligent systems which pay particular emphasis on conserving the environment. The next-gen lights will be linked to the communication grid of the house. They come with biometric sensors which sense when one is tired. The lights know when you are headed to the grocery store and they, in turn, illuminate the way with the coupons you need.

Cut Energy Bills

These commodities will all be excellent energy savers and as such, they will more than half the overall energy bills in our homes. Make the change and welcome to the future courtesy of Wi-Fi-connected LED bulbs. Make use of futuristic bulbs which illuminate the house with millions of colors which change according to your mood, the weather and depending on the TV show one is watching.

About Gooee

Gooee is the premier company offering Internet of Things based application to manufacturers who then sell it their end-users. Their products react and respond to stimuli like touch, smell, and even sound. The firm’s CEO is Andrew Johnson and the CTO, and co-founder is Simon Coombes.