Interesting Information About Fabletics


Kate Hudson’s desire and passion to see women living healthy and active lives motivated her to create Fabletics in 2013. Fabletics is a subscription based athletic clothing line designed for women only. With it being a clothing line and involved in the larger fashion industry, it is severally reviewed by Racked and one access to Fabletics through it.

Customers had over a long period of time complained that the subscription service was a scam and that once they joined the lifestyle program under Fabletics, it was difficult to quit. The subscription model has been modified in the sense that shoppers will have an opportunity to try Fabletics clothing in person. Fabletics has recently been receiving fewer complaints. This is partly due to JustFab (Fabletics parent company) listing its subsidiaries separately. The Fabletics FAQ section and customer service have been improved to increase customers’ understanding of the program.

Fabletics under its subscription model requires one to take a lifestyle quiz. This quiz will help Fabletics pick monthly outfits for individuals. It offers two levels of membership either regular or VIP. The latter offers one complete outfits inclusive of free shipping and 20% off individual items. One is required to make a selection of outfits or skip month by logging into their Fabletics account between the 1st and the 5th of every month. Failure to login results in one’s account being credited with $49.95 on the 6th. Being a Fabletics VIP Member offers one more options and advantages than a regular member.

The products are of high quality for half the price. The leggings offered by Fabletics are of better quality than Lululemon Underwunders since they are thick and have no see through issues. Every month Fabletics seeks to offer its members with products in different colors and styles. Fabletics styles have a combination of sheer fabrics, bold patterns and cut-outs.

The section enables the shoppers have a better view of how the outfits look like and this helps in boosting their confidence when purchasing online.

The Fabletics website has provided a number and one can call it to close their account. In an effort to maintain its client base, Fabletics offers one an outfit credit if one opts out of cancelling their membership. Any returns that a customer may have as to exchange or store credit are free.

Fabletics offers women an opportunity to feel sexy and stylish when working out and it seems that it has achieved its objective. According to Forbes, Fabletics seeks to open over 75 stores in the next three to five years and open its seventh store in spring.

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