Geoffrey Cone Fights Stigmas

Geoffrey Cone has worked throughout his career to be able to help people. The idea behind being a global attorney is to provide help that is needed for people who are moving to different areas. Geoffrey Cone knows that he needs to be able to do this to be able to help people out. One of the major things that he does is fight stigmas about New Zealand, living in a foreign country and tax haven countries for people to live in.


Being from New Zealand himself, Geoffrey Cone sees a lot of people who are planning to make a move to New Zealand. Most of them have the misconception that they will not need to pay taxes if they live there but this is false and Geoffrey Cone wants everyone to know that. New Zealand does require people to pay taxes on the money that they make, the things that they own and even the things that they consume.


When people are moving to a different country, it is a good idea for them to find an attorney who will represent them throughout the process. These global attorneys are important so that people can learn what they can and cannot do while they are making a move. It is a good idea for everyone to get a global attorney so that they do not have to worry about the legal aspects of moving to a different country. The attorney will handle nearly every part of the move other than the actual, physical move.


Geoffrey Cone suggests that people move to a tax haven. People who make a lot of money are especially subject to high taxes and this is something that can be problematic for people who are in different areas. By making sure that people are getting what they need out of the different parts of the country. The tax havens provide them with the chance to make sure that they are not getting taxed. Each year, there is a list of tax-free countries that people can compare to see which one would be the best option for them to move to.


Even Geoffrey Cone has moved to a tax haven. Even though he is a New Zealand native, he wants to make sure that he is not losing out on money. In New Zealand, he was being taxed a lot because of all of the money that he made. Now that he lives in Uruguay, he is able to make sure that he is not being taxed an outrageous amount. This is something that he took his own advice on and something that he regularly advises his clients to do when they make a lot of money.