With GovPayNet, Securus Technologies Grows Further Into Government Payment Sector

Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the largest providers of technology solutions for law enforcement, correctional facilities, and public safety agencies. To enhance the company portfolio toward government payment servicing, Securus Technologies acquired GovPayNet.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Securus Technologies, Robert E. (Bob) Pickens, announced the acquisition on January 4th, 2018. Pickens noted how the acquisition of GovPayNet by Securus Technologies will further expand the company’s reach in the government payment sector. For example, in 2015, Securus Technologies acquired JPay, a payment processing platform that facilitates payments for state correctional facilities. At the time, JPay serviced 33 state correctional facilities.


GovPayNet provides processing technology for debit and credit payments to government agencies. As of January, 2018, GovPayNet offers its services to across 35 states with about 2,300 government agencies in those states using GovPayNet.


Founded over 20 years ago with their headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, Securus Technologies is one of the leading government contractors in relation to the management and communications of civil and criminal justice agencies and institutions. Securus Technologies has offered its services to over 3,500 government agencies and has facilitated the communications of 1,200,000 million inmates at correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and received their accreditation from the BBB in 2016. This accreditation came thanks to investments like an in-house call center to handle customer service that can handle 2.5 million calls a month.


Securus Technologies Wants to Improve Prisons For Inmates and Their Workers

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and is working to secure the safety of over 3,500 people in public safety and other law enforcement jobs. The agency is working to create a better tomorrow for inmates and their families along with the people who work within the prison walls.


There are over a million inmates who are incarcerated at one time in the United States. Of those inmates, there are crime levels of inmate to inmate attacks that could be prevented with the right sources, teachings, products or services. It is the job of Securus Technologies to come up with different ways to decrease the levels of crime rates in the prison system.


Every year, Securus Technologies is asked to help with solving the crime rate inside of prisons. Their main goal weekly is to come up with a new and exciting way to lessen the crime levels whether it is from eliminating contraband inside the prisons or finding a way to prove what crimes have been committed and who is responsible for the crime.


There are certain things that go on inside a jail which could be prevented if the right services and products are used. For instance, if an inmate has a contraband phone and attempts to use the phone, the phone will be unable to access the mobile network from within the prison walls.


Another good idea that Securus has worked on is the recording of all calls being placed from within the walls of the prison. These phone calls can then be listened to in order to hear a burden of proof that needs to met for an inmate who is responsible for a crime. If the inmate speaks to someone about the crime that they are charged with, the call can then be played back and can be used in a trial to prove that the inmate was responsible for the crime they are charged with.

How We Caught a Fugitive Using Securus Technologies

When there is a fugitive on the loose, my team of officers are called in to take care of the situation before things get out of control. The call we received this week was especially alarming because this suspect was holding up banks in the area on a regular basis. Just when we thought he was done, he would resurface and hit the same three banks in the same order. At this point we knew he was baiting officers to try and arrest him, something we were determined to do.

The last bank that was robbed provided us a clue to the identity of our suspect. When he tried to get away, the dye-pack exploded and he dropped everything right on the street. We were able to get fingerprints and even DNA sample, now all we needed was to find our suspect. We knew that no one in the town was talking, so we had to go where we know people can not resist the urge to talk about crimes.

At the local prison, the inmates know me and my team all too well. They knew why we were there this time, and even though they will never talk directly to us, we had a secret weapon in Securus Technologies this time. The company installed the inmate call monitoring system, and we knew if we listened long enough, these crooks would rat each other out in a heart beat.

That afternoon, the system detected chatter from one inmate complaining he was never compensated for helping with the first robbery, and mentioned how our suspect and his girlfriend blew the money at the casino. We put the girlfriend under surveillance, having never even heard of her before, and she was the key in helping us catch our suspect in the act later that week.


Securus Video Chat

Christmas With Securus

When Christmas rolls around, it is time to relax and spend time with family. As you might imagine, this can be a difficult time for the family if you have someone who is incarcerated. This video opens with a little boy who connects to a video chat with his father, who is in prison. After establishing the connection, they tell each other Merry Christmas and the father asks if the boy has opened his presents yet. Once the boy says that he hasn’t, a beautiful moment unfolds and the father urges him to go downstairs so that they can open the presents together.


The boy opens his Christmas presents one by one, as his father shares some great moments with him. As you might imagine, this moment would not have been possible without technology. Thankfully, this company has put some technology in place that makes this very possible not only for this particular family, but for anybody who has a loved one who is imprisoned. This leap in technology is made possible thanks to video chat, and Securus has spread this technology to a number of different people by offering it to prison systems.


How is this beneficial?


There are a lot of benefits to this video chat technology. First and foremost, people will be able to enjoy seeing their family members faces on Christmas morning, even though they are lot behind bars. This is particularly important for children, who tend to take it the hardest when a loved one is locked away. As you might well know, visits to prison can be tedious and invasive and this is something that you might not want to deal with on Christmas morning of all times. Thanks to this technology, families will be united once again during the holidays by chatting on video and not having to go to the process of placing a visit to the jail or prison.


This will save you plenty of money and make it so that you do not have to spend the time, resources and energy required to play for a visit to a loved one in person on Christmas morning. However, you will be able to spread warmth to one another live on video chat thanks to the technology that Securus has provided.


Consider these points and look into the technology that this company provides if you have a loved one who is locked away.


Securus Gives Prisoners A Safe Way To Connect

When thinking of a market to penetrate that seems cutting edge, but also relatively untapped, those lacking their basic freedoms are probably not the first demographic that comes to mind. However, one company, Securus Technologies, has done just that. This company provides technology platform that caters to civil and criminal justice issues. Developers taken corrections, inmate phone calls monitoring, public safety and investigation issues into mind with their technology. This technology works on Android smartphones in addition to Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. The technology has seen more than 65,0000 downloads to applications like Android and Apple. Download the Google Play app here >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securus.videoclient&hl=en

The response has been like wildfire. Android phone apps alone have seen 60,000 downloads of this app. Apple devices have seen at least 5,000 downloads. This mobile app gives friends and family of inmates a great and easy way to connect. Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies states that the gap in the market is significant, but this was not a shrewd and cold cut pursuit of prisoner demographics. Roberts pointed out that the inmates needing to connect with their loved ones had limited options as to how they could carry out phone calls and visits. The investment in Secuurus has revolutionized the visitation process. This frees up prison expenditure on guards needed to monitor the inmates and their family. It also gives overall convenience to everyone involed.

Securus has its headquarters in in Dallas, Texas. This company provides more than 3,400 law enforcement and corrections facilities in addition to public safety services. The delivery of this app was inspired by the lack of communications options available to prisoners. With over 1,200,000 inmates in North America alone, Securus Technologies has shown its committment to improving the prospects for inmate connectedness to the world without violating security measures. After all, inmates who feel a stronger link of connection to the outside world and the positive social structures located there, are more likely to be less of a challenge to guards and more likely to find lasting ways to get out of jail, and stay out. This technology, as with the rest of Securus developments, is sure to make the world a safer place.

Securus Technologies is not in partnership with either the Securus health supplement nor the agency/website Securus America.

Securus House is another site that often is mistaken as Securus Technologies, but this site offers refuge to victims of domestic violence and is an important resource for many people.