Stay Inspired With Bridget Scarr

There have been many creative writers in the world. However, Bridget Scarr has excelled them in that unique and mind engaging high-quality content she produces. She has a passion for the development of all topics. Bridget works on digital content, augmented reality as well as interactive exhibitions. The works of Bridget are known for their ability to engage users in both intellectual as well as emotional aspects.

Her extensive experience in television and advertising cannot be overlooked. Bridget is well known for her role as director of creative content. She has ensured to encourage original production output from various teams. The spanning drama, as well as children animated movies, are among what she directs. Among other fields that Bridget has ventured are entertainment and lifestyle. Her creativity and passion towards the development of unique scripts production are overwhelming.


Bridget has a firm belief that content of any form can be an agent of anticipated change. She further believes that there is infinite power in content that is capable of shifting mindsets. Her creativity has enabled her to produce top-notch exceptional scripts. Moreover, she believes writing provides her with the freedom of expression and having fun. Writing and creativity have been her rescuers from the depths of depression.

As a TV producer, her focus had been on transforming individuals’ ideas to action. She later took to writing and content development. She believed this was a better way to have a more massive audience. Bridget has a firm belief that starting a day with meditation ensures she can be more focused. She also believes that meditation is a form of energizing herself for the day.

Bridget worked with her partners in coming up with Pollen Creative Media. The group has grown from having five employees to more than two hundred employees. Further, the Pollen Creative Media is now a well-known group of companies. Brands and broadcasters have trusted the company for award-winning exclusive scripts. Bridget’s company also ventured into digital marketing and advertising that has added to her popularity.

Bridget Scarr’s highly collaborative spirit has seen her work with many talented people. She is currently working with Colibri Studios where she heads the Content development department. Her social character has positively contributed to her success. The fact that she works with more talented people in the industry has raised the quality of her works. Additionally, she works with international broadcasters. She has therefore been involved in daily developmental broadcasting. Bridget has helped many people in the creative industry to make career advancements.


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