New clothing line for Pittsburgh Steelers has fans glowing

The Pittsburgh Steelers got a win recently with the fans, and they didn’t play a single game to do it. The black and gold turned many heads with a new clothing line that fans are raving about. Gone are the days of only traditional team gear. Now, the fans of the Steelers can walk around in some of the most fashionable team clothing anywhere.

The orchestrator of the new clothing line is Susan McGalla, a person who is well-known in fashion circles. She is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers, and she has a great resume. She was the president of American Eagle Outfitters, as well as the former CEO of Wet Seal.

Susan McGalla’s idea of getting Steeler clothing into the mainstream is genius, and it’s paying dividends. She started this process by creating focus groups to find out what people wanted in their team gear. By listening to what the fans had to say, Susan McGalla has made team clothing fashionable, something people could even wear to work.

Women are pleased as well. They wanted more choices for women that made them feel more feminine. Women and girls alike wanted to see more styles and more pink in the team gear, and they got their wish.

Fans wanted to know how they could get the same kind of gear that head coach Mike Tomlin or their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wore. Thanks to Susan McGalla, now they can get those items on the new and improved website, where they can see numerous items and choose what they want.

The Steelers have a new campaign called “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steeler Friday”, where fans can dress up in black and gold, take a picture and enter to win a chance at a Steeler-themed wardrobe.

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Athleisure Wear Has Evolved Once Again, Thanks To Fabletics

The company Fabletics, co-founded by none other than Kate Hudson, has been making a lot of moves in the industry since it’s launch. These moves have been making their way into the closets of many satisfied customers. With the announcement of the new dresses launched back on April 1st, there really is something for everybody. The news was explained during an interview with Hudson and Marie Claire.

On top of this already great announcement was the news that a new line of performance swimsuits launched shortly after mid-April. They have been designed and styled specifically to work for almost every body type. Hudson explained that Fabletics are taking the active girl out on the town, while keeping things casual. When asked if the new dresses were appropriate for a date, Hudson emphatically replied with “Yeah, I don’t see why not!” She went on to comment that wearing this style wherever you want is the main point.
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The dresses themselves are not intended for a hardcore workout or hiking routine. But, they are created from the same high quality as the rest of their athleisure wear lineup. Some of the dress designs have a bra built right into the design as well. it really can’t get much easier for mixing comfort, quality and fashion. If you’re not who likes to be in a hurry to pick an outfit, this is a dream come true.

Fabletics is easily one of the leading workout gear companies as far as popularity and growth are concerned. They have something for every person as well. Not just for the women. They’ve got fits for men and children as well. The whole core concept here is to make great quality gear for the whole family, with style comfort and an easy to swallow price point. No having to check the bank for funds here. That’s the point. Instagram @fabletics is not looking to become exclusive in the sense that is not affordable to the masses.

If you’ve never been to the site, you are typically greeted with an image of the beautifully fit Kate Hudson in one of the new styles.  Becoming a VIP member will get you your first outfit at a severely discounted price as well. It really could not be any easier or cost effective to get the best fitness gear out there! For the whole interview with Marie Claire, click the top link. For the Fabletics home page, click these

Happy fitness and fashion people!