Making The Lime Crime Dream a Reality

Starting a makeup brand from scratch might have sounded like a crazy idea to some people, but to Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the whole idea just made perfect sense. Deere is a Russian emigre who came to the United States as a teenager, and she’s always been known for following her dreams. Deere started out as a musician in New York City, and her experiences as a promoter for her band taught her a lot about how to market a creative entity. She followed her dream with an online fashion company, and then used what she learned about color and online marketing and moved into cosmetics. Today, Lime Crime is a hugely popular brand, but beneath it all is the woman who kept following her idea of what really looks good.

To Deere, the unicorn is a symbol of something beautiful and unique, which is why the unicorn is also a symbol for Lime Crime. This line has Unicorn lipsticks and Unicorn hair color, and the colors Lime Crime uses are bold and beautiful, with a rock and roll edge that’s incredibly attractive. To Deere, using purple, pink and blue for hair and lip colors is an idea whose time has come, so who’s to say she shouldn’t use it in her brand?

Using Social Media to Great Effect

Deere’s savvy use of the Internet is a big part of this brand’s success. Lime Crime’s Instagram page is interactive, and uses pictures of the brand’s real users to show off new looks. The page has become wildly popular with users, and its interactive use has made it take off into the stratosphere. All of this is just another innovation from Lime Crime and Doe Deere.

In years past, the idea of pink or purple hair might have thrown some people, but not Doe Deere. To Deere, being beautiful is what it’s all about, and if pink hair makes a woman look good, then so be it. That’s the philosophy that lead Lime Crime to success, and Doe Deere took it all the way. Learn more: