Wild Ark Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Eco-friendly excursions come in all shapes and sizes. Vacationers searching for a green getaway can appreciate every one of the advantages of an extravagant resort in an earth-conscious atmosphere.


Overnight guests can escape to a dream tree house within a gigantic cedar tree. The Cedar Creek Tree house is located near a national forest, in Ashford, Washington. The tree house can hold up to 5 adults and is situated 50 feet above the ground within the cedar tree limbs. The entire unit is powered by solar energy. The tree house includes a gas stove, cooler, kitchen sink and a small restroom. Visitors can spend the day swimming in a nearby stream, or enjoying the scenery of the nearby woodland.


Another ideal vacation destination for eco-friendly enthusiasts, is The Hobbit House in Neelehu, Hawaii. Hobbit House Bed and Breakfast, situated in private isolation on a lavish, tropical mountainside on Hawaii’s south side. The offbeat engineering is a “gingerbread” outline with hand-cut bars and recolored glass windows encircled in local wood. The units are equipped with solar and wind powered generators. Beauty scenery consisting of orchard and farmland stretch down to the blue pacific shoreline, and welcome the guests to this Waiohinu town hideaway. Four rooms are secretly for guests. Each unit incorporates a full kitchen, antique bedroom, extravagant lavatory and a roomy parlor with breath-taking waterfront views.


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Wild Ark was founded by environmental enthusiasts, who are focused on teaching individuals about the wild, and attempting to guarantee that our planet is secured for upcoming generations.


Wild Ark’s central goal is to secure parts of distinguished green belts throughout the world, to ensure the rich biodiversity of these zones as a method for moderating untamed life, while formulating research for individuals to reconnect with nature and be inspired to defend it.