Waiakea Water- Most transparent brand in the market today

There is no doubt that bottled water is far much better than tap water. When you take water from the taps, you are never sure if it contains contaminants. Many times we face the risk of putting our bodies at risk by taking water that cannot be verified about its safety. Although hydrating is a common thing for every human being, people should try as much as possible to stop taking the water they have no idea about the source. There are so many brands in the market that claim to have the best quality water, but this is never the case. Most of them are taking bottled water and giving to their customers in the name of pure water. Taking tap water and adding some foreign chemical to say that it is clean is not the best thing to do.

There are important factors that ought to determine the level of water quality. Apart from the transparency that we see in the water, in lies other important nutrients that are needed by the body. We should choose water not based on transparency, but on the basis of the things, we cannot see. Many things are behind the scenes, but we can never know because we never take the effort to find out the process. The best drinking water should be one that the company selling can verify where they get the water from. If a company is not forthcoming about the source, then, there is no need to take the company serious since they might put your life at risk.

Another thing that determines the level of transparency of the water is the PH. Have you seen a company that discloses the ph level of their water? Very rare.

About Waiakea Water. If you would like to drink water that cannot disappoint you, go for the Waiakea water brand. The Hawaiian volcanic water is the best in the country. It is one of the brands that are doing very well in bringing changes in the industry. Bottled Water is never the same with Waiakea water. They have taken the bar of quality very high.


“James River Capital: Changes All Leaders Must Consider “

Leadership is not an easy task, and it is considered to be an art that should be taken with all the seriousness it deserves. To become a great leader, an individual must develop great skills and understand how he can lead the company and manage the team under his care without ignoring anyone. Leadership needs a lot of time and effort from the parties involved. There are several changes that should be made so that a leader can make the difference needed. Researchers from all over the world have conducted many research studies to understand the leadership strategies that have been used by successful leaders of the world. James River Capital is a successful company that is based in the US. The organization believes that a great leader should undertake these simple lifestyle changes so that they can become successful. Learn more: https://www.cbinsights.com/investor/james-river-capital


Support Your Team, Never Lead Them


At Facebook, users are always advised to start becoming great leaders by changing their mentality. The leaders in this platform do not lead the team they have been offered. The organization believes that supporting the team makes everything better. When you know that you are in the support team, you will have a different view about the role you have been offered. This is the best way to change the approach you use when interacting with your time. This is a very small change to many, but it will have a great impact on the company.


Encourage and also Welcome Escalation


James River Capital management realized that more than eighty-five percent of the workers in a company withhold very crucial feedback from the leaders in charge of the operations. These employees believe that by giving out this information, and then they would get into serious problems. A leader must ensure that there is transparent and very open communication. With this kind of culture, an organization can be assured of collaboration, engagement, innovation, and sense of belonging among the employees.


Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital. The businessman must have been highly experienced when starting this company. His ideas have been very helpful since the company started its operations several years ago. Paul Saunders is also an expert who has managed to achieve his success by working hard for it. The basic skills he got when he was in school have also been playing a primary role in his successful career life.

Trump’s Trade War May Give Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm More Credibility

Donald Trump wants to give back America’s membership in the global economy. Trump wants to teach China and other trading partners a lesson. The lesson is the United States doesn’t need international trade deals if other countries are making more money. According to Trump’s interpretation, a better trade deal is when America has the upper hand. His trade war with China could be the move that gives investment genius Shervin Pishevar’s tweets more credibility. Mr. Pishevar gave Trump, and the investment world, a dose of his investment predictions back in March. And it looks like his tweet about the economy taking a huge hit might be just around the corner.

Trump’s $200 billion tariff plan may hurt China now, but there are other countries standing in line to get a piece of China’s business. Once they do, U.S. farmers who had contracts with the Chinese will disappear, and may never come back. Plus, Trump’s tariffs are going to hurt American consumers. Prices will go up by at least ten percent, and they won’t come down. That means Shervin Pishevar’s tweet about the stock market dropping by more than 6,000 points could come true in the coming months. America’s Gross Domestic Product growth relies on consumer spending. And when prices go up, consumers stop spending.

Shervin Pishevar didn’t start a tweetstorm to scare investors, but that’s what happened in some investing circles. Those scared investors know Shervin Pishevar has an uncanny knack for predicting the future in the investment world. He was one of the first investors to dump millions into the Uber startup. Then he went for the gold again when he invested in Airbnb and Warby Parker. Shervin thinks every asset has too much fat and not enough meat in them right now. Some investors are looking for places to park their money, so it’s safe when the market and other assets lose their value.

But there are some investors who think Shervin Pishevar is just blowing off steam in his 21-hour tweetstorm. Those investors say Pishevar is over thinking the situation. Those investors also say Trump’s economic plan is working.


Entrepreneur Jeff Aronin, Helping Patients Who Fall Through The Cracks

Early in his 20 year career, Jeff Aronin discovered what would later become his life’s work. In his work with a physician treating a child with seizures, Aronin observed the doctor choose to treat the child with medication, rather than brain surgery. This inspired Aronin to set his own course for the treatment of rare diseases through the use of medication.

Jeff Aronin graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and from DePaul with an MBA. In 2000, he formed Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. His new company’s mission was to develop drugs for patients with few treatment options. Then another company, called Lundbeck, bought Ovation for $900,000 and kept Aronin on as CEO. , in 2010, Aronin became the chairman and CEO of a company known as Paragon Biosciences, Following this, he and Paragon focused on the Chicago area. Aronin and his new company worked on identifying unmet medical needs, then on forming companies geared to bring new medications to market. Aronin focused on making it easier for patients to get much- needed medicines, thus creating more medication options for doctors, as well.

Aronin and Paragon approached their work in the following way: understanding a person’s disease; identifying innovative science, i.e. development of a new medicine, and creating a company to market the medication. Aronin’s career goal was to bring needed medicine to folks who have few, if any, choices for treatment, thus providing hope and help. So far, Aronin’s company has developed and marketed 13 new medicines for people who have rare diseases.

As for other of Jeff Aronin’s endeavors, he is on the board of directors of Word Business Chicago and the board of directors of Discover Financial Services. Aronin developed The Aronin Family Foundation, which funds Chicago-area hospitals and clinics. Under Aronin’s tutelage, Paragon Biosciences has gone on to create two companies: Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals which serves people with epidermolysis, a blistering disorder, and Harmony Bioscience, which deals in narcolepsy and cataplexy, two central nervous system disorders. Aronin and his company have also served in an educational role, conveying the issues around the treatment of rare diseases, to the community.


Ted Bauman Helps People Protect Their Assets

Ted Bauman was recently featured in an interview published on Inspirey. There he revealed that he has sought to build a career that connects people with great resources to help them gain financial freedom. He was born in Washington, but his family emigrated to South Africa. He went to the University of Cape Town where he studied economics and history. For most of his career, he held a variety of jobs helping people gain financial assistance. He even acted as a fund manager and was a part of organizations like Slum Dwellers International.

Later in his career, international governments and the United Nations sought his advice. This provided Ted Baumen with a deep understanding of economics and politics and the way they can both influence society. During the financial crash, Ted Bauman returned to the states to become the Director of International Programs. With his deep understanding of economics, he was able to help them move towards a more sustainable plan.

In 2013, Banyan Hill Publishing asked him to become an editor. He wrote a financial newsletter called the “Bauman Letter” that provides advice about securing current wealth and preserving it. Ted Bauman’s advice and strategic investment tips help subscribers build wealth intelligently. He also has a weekly stock trading service called “Smart Money” where subscribers gain valuable insight.

Ted Bauman was also featured on the Affiliate Dork website article “Banyan Hill Offers investors Information the Won’t Get from Wall Street.” The article was written by Brandon Ferguson to discuss the growing publisher of independent investment advice. The company has been around since the late 1990’s but it was recently rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing. The company was created to focus global experts on giving actionable advice to their subscribers. The editors provide insight into asset protection, entrepreneurship, and investing. Ted Bauman took the job as editor to help people get rid of the constant financial strain that so many people are unhappy with. The company takes its name from the banyan tree that supports itself with a variety of roots extending through the earth with multiple trunks. They can survive more natural disasters because of the different trunks, and that support is what they hope to provide to their clients.

William Saito and Programming Abilities

The Internet is without a doubt an indispensable component of modern society. It, despite that, hasn’t even been a force for most human beings for an excessively lengthy stretch of time. Information security is vital for all sorts of reasons. People require it for purposes of privacy. They require it for other key purposes, too. The Internet is transforming itself in a rapid manner.

Security on the Internet can use serious enhancements at this time. People hear all about hacking nightmares on a frequent basis. Government groups, businesses and even normal people experience hackings all of the time. People have to start figuring out how to combat issues that pertain to security on the Internet. If they fail to do so, it may lead to substantial issues further on down the line. Companies will start having trouble believing the data that’s accessible on their computer screens. Normal people will start having trouble believing it as well. This will take power away from the Internet. People will cease viewing it as being an incredibly dependable and effective device.


William Hiroyuki Saito is a California man. His interest in software programming popped up at an early age, too. He started concentrating on the subject when he was still just a young elementary school student. This acclaimed entrepreneur has a lot of knowledge that relates to topics such as cybersecurity, biometric authentication and even encryption. Saito offers his advice to various governments for nations all over the planet.


Saito was at the helm of a well received book that’s called “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” This book came out in the beginning of 2012. It’s the account of a young wizard of sorts. It goes into a child who showed incredible strengths early on in the game. It delves into a youngster who goes after all sorts of things in the business sector. The book is a suitable fit for people who want to acquire knowledge from adept and capable entrepreneurs. It’s a suitable fit for motivated and tenacious people who wish to set up companies that are fully their own.

OSI Industries Bestrides The Globe After A Century Of Growth

If one could step into a time machine, travel back to the year 1909 and tell a humble German immigrant in Chicago that his small butcher shop would someday be one the biggest multinational companies in the world — would he believe it?

He just might. That’s because Otto Kolschowsky was a driven businessman. He also had the fundamental characteristics of what it takes to achieve success. Provide a exceptionally high quality product, always place the needs of your customers first — and work hard.

Otto Kolschowsky passed on this immigrant work ethic to his sons, Arthur and Harry. By 1928 Otto’s small meat market had become the burgeoning Otto & Sons. The family business continued to thrive and grow, evolving from butcher shop to retail meat seller and then wholesaler.

The company persisted and thrived through two World Wars. Then in 1955 Arthur and Harry made a handshake agreement to supply meat to a new little restaurant called McDonald’s. It was the first of its kind — a franchise that set up shop in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Otto & Sons and McDonald’s hitched their wagons to one another. Ray Kroc and his new partners were hoping for big things — and they got them. While Kroc’s innovative new model — fast food — grew into an American icon, Otto& Sons meat skyrocketed to unprecedented levels of growth and success.

The company became OSI Industries in 1975. It was the key juncture in a 75-year history during which a single-owner butcher shop had matured to become a leading edge, technologically superior, multifaceted company that would dominate the world stage.

Today, OSI Industries boasts 65 facilities operating in 17 countries. Forbes ranked OSI Industries at No. 58 on its list of largest private companies. It has sales of more than $6 billion annually.

OSI Industries is more determined than ever today to continue its arc of growth. The company just recently purchased the 200,000 sq. ft. Tyson Food Plant in Chicago, as just one example of a recent acquisition. It has also recently expanded or acquired facilities in Spain, Australia and Germany.

For details: www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/keywords/5122-osi-group

A wikipedia on Equities First Holding

Equites First Holdings is a Financial foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana. The address of the organization is 10 w advertise st 3050. In the event that you needed to achieve the organization you would have the capacity to call them at 317 429 3500. The organization is known for giving secretaries that are situated in loaning for of all shapes and sizes organizations and in addition the individual financial specialist. The advances gave depend on assessments that the organization makes. The organization looks into each credit or finical open door see which is the best, while measuring hazard verses remunerate. The organization esteems stocks, bond, and treasuries charges with a specific end goal to make their assessments on the monetary atmosphere. The organization began from Indiana in mid 2002. From that point forward the organization have possessed the capacity to loan a great many individuals’ bonds with the end goal for them to be better arranged for their monetary future. The organization now has a satellite office in New York City where the direct business with the neighborhood elites.


The Academy of Art University Creating Future Designers

When brand new designers show their work at New York Fashion Week you know that you’re seeing someone with a bright future ahead of them. The Academy of Art University was proud to show 10 designers on the runway September 9, 1997. The idea for this showcase was for these designers to show what they saw for the future of fashion. With two menswear lines and three womenswear lines the show seemed full of ideas yet two collaborations were also shown making this 21st show for the Academy of Art University one of the best.

Saya Chen of Beijing, China brought a use of oversized silhouettes to convey her vision of San Francisco and China. Joanna Jadallah and Cana Klebanoff used lightweight wool to make the most amazing, technically gorgeous sweater. The use of the individual strings would keep you guessing for days of how it was put together.

Ryan Yu of Beijing, China used his deeper thoughts and showed a more futuristic design in black and white to convey his vision. Jelly Shan of Zhejiang, China made softer and sweeter designs that expressed her feelings of joy from a trip to China. Dina Marie Yu of Los Angeles, CA used a devastating loss to express her designs. From the Bay Area Eden Slezin showcased how his individuality has affected his designs. Hailin Zhou of Qing Doa, China used a Creative Concepts class to inspire her designs.

The Academy of Art University has been teaching art since 1929 and growing in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Proudly this school has represented 112 countries across the globe with it’s students and alumni. The nerve center of creativity continues to expand it’s curriculum.

With NY Fashion Week as one of the most prestigous events in history, the Academy is the first university to be invited to participate with student works. This honor brings talent to their doors in the hopes of one day showing their work at NY Fashion Week.

Artists in all industries look to work with graduates of the Academy of Art University knowing that their education has been exceptional. The list of companies hiring graduates is mind blowing.

Choosing Fine Wine Made Easier by UKV PLC

Unlike in most cases where the grape variety is printed on a bottle’s label, French wines have a complicated method of wine production and labeling. The bottles are labeled by region of their origin. The idea behind this is that the difference in local tradition, climate, topography, altitude and soil in different areas results to a certain uniqueness in the wine brand. It can therefore be difficult for beginners to understand this.

There are a few regions to put into consideration; one of these is the Burgundy region, which produces both white-made using chardonnay grapes and red wine. From here, winemakers and their vineyards have established a good reputation. This has resulted to demand for high prices for some of their brands such as Cote de Beaune Chardonnay. The Bordeaux region is known for wine exports. It produces medium-body reds and their bottles may hold Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc or Carbernet Sauvignon. The Northeastern region is known for producing good quality Champagne improved due to the double-fermentation process used as a result of cold temperatures. The Loire region produces almost every kind of wine but the upper part specializes in Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc while the area closer to the ocean produce Muscadet.

Evidently, France is home to a myriad of appellations. The process of choosing a brand through the many available options can be daunting. Fortunately, you can buy the best investment grade luxury fine wine through UKV PLC- a small group with vast understanding of French Wine. UKV PLC operates as an independent wine company; it is therefore linked to an infinite supply chain, which gives it access to valuable fine wines. You can be sure that your order will not fail. Click here to know more.

UKV PLC’s knowledgeable team of consultants will take you through the available options and help you choose the most appropriate brand for any occasion. The company is trusted for supplying UKC PLC wines such as Mouton, Rothschild, Latour, Chateau Lafite, Lafite Rothschild and many more as well as Champagne. For more information about the highly specialized company, you can find them on Facebook as UKV PLC and follow them on Twitter @UkvPlc.

Check UKV PLC on https://www.inc.com/profile/ukv-plc