Kill two birds with one coin, by purchasing gold Brexit coin

Will the Brexit date of June 23, 2016 be a “date which will live in “infamy?” What will happen to the United Kingdom? Will it rise or fall?

The Cook Islands Mint does not really care about interpreting events, but simply wants to identify the most significant to mankind. Recognizing Brexit as a landmark decision, the Cook Islands has added two commemorative Brexit coins: one silver and one gold.

“Brexit: Half Stay & Half Go”

No one really knew how Brexit would turn out. The global stock exchanges did understand the significance of the vote. In 1900, the “sun never set on the British Empire.” Even in 2016, the decisions of this island were “still very important.”

“What did the British feel about the European Union?”

The European Union might have been one of the most aggressive experiments in world history. It attempted to merge dozens of nations with their own languages, cultures and currencies into one coherent entity. With the creation of the Euro, the French Franc, German Mark and Greek Drachma ceased to exist. But, the Great Britain Pound (GBP) remained. Did the Brits know something that others didn’t?

“Sovereign Currency”

The British have been a proud people who fought hard to retain their independence and autonomy. By retaining their Pound, the English retained monetary power over their nation. Some believed that Brexit was the natural next step.

On July 4th, 2016, the Cook Islands issued the Brexit gold coin. The Cook Islands Mint has been known for its unique numismatic masterpieces, including the Zeppelin, “Liberty Leading the People” and Titanic. These all commemorated significant historical events.

“Live Free or Die!”

Was it an accident that the Cook Islands issued their Brexit gold coin on July 4th? Of course, this was the date of American Independence. Who knows? Some link the two events.

The US Money Reserve understands which monetary, political and historical events are the most significant. If you are suddenly concerned about your financial future, then you might want to consider purchasing the gold Brexit coin. This serves the purpose of 1. Protecting your financial wealth and 2. Sending a message.

This commemorative Brexit 5 Dollar gold coin has the date of the vote on it, along with the UK image. It weighs 0.5 grams and measures 11 millimeters (0.433 inches). Kill two birds with one stone and get the popular Brexit gold coin.

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