Andrew Rolfe Is Committed To The Success Of The Ubuntu Fund

Over the years, the Ubuntu Fund has been supporting children from the disadvantaged families in Africa. According to their records, they have helped more than 400,000 needy children. The management of the Fund continues to provide their service to many other needy children. Notably, the Ubuntu Education has developed an innovative program that seeks to ensure that they support children from their cradle until they begin their career.

When the Fund was founded in 1999, Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula, focused on providing education. However, with the passage of time, they realized that education was not having much impact on the students. Upon conducting a research, they found out that most people came from families that had been affected or infected with HIV. In addition, they realized that most families could hardly afford three meals a day. It is for this reason that the institution started offering nutrition and healthcare services to the children.

In line with its objective of helping the needy children in the society, the management of the Fund organized for a gala dinner. The event was well-attended. The 300 guests were entertained by a Xhosa choir. In addition, they were provided with a variety of meals. At the end of the event, the Fund had managed to raise more than £603,000. The leadership of the Fund posited that they would use the money to increase the school’s capacity. Moreover, they would expand the school’s pediatric clinic for purposes of providing the needy children with quality healthcare services. The remainder of the money would be used for increasing the number of disadvantaged children at the Fund’s school campus.

To date, the Fund’s document shows that since inception, they have supported more than 400,000 children in Africa. The Fund is optimistic that they will be able to help many needy children going into the future.

About Andrew Rolfe

As the chairperson of the noble institution, Andrew is heavily involved in ensuring that the Fund has adequate resources. In addition, Andrew is credited for ensuring that the Fund is running as a going concern.

Over the years, Rolfe has gained immense success in various managerial positions. He has worked for PepsiCo Restaurants International, Booker Food Service and Pret A. Manger. Andrew Rolfe has also been an executive at the Gap.