Bruce Levenson: Helping the Youth of Maryland

Bruce Levenson, a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, is making headlines again. This time, it’s for a charitable cause. Throughout the years and his many successes, Bruce Levenson never forgot the importance of paying it forward. His latest philanthropic endeavor is The Do Good Institute.

Famously known as a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Mr. Bruce Levenson dedicated much of his life to building his own success. Levenson graduated from Washington University and American University. He also wrote for the Washington Star. Now, all his business focus is aimed at United Communications Group, a company he co-founded with Ed Peskowitz.

Bruce Levenson is the kind of philanthropist that believes people should earn their place in the world. Rather than give things away freely, Levenson supports causes that inspire people to better themselves and their community. His latest endeavor, The Do Good Institute, aims to expose undergraduate level students at the University of Maryland to non-profit and volunteering.

The goal is to inspire a new generation of non-profit business leaders. The program is the first of its kind. It inspired students on a charitable level while giving them the tools to compete with the private sector. Since its launch, students are responding the program well. This is an idea that Levenson had for many years. In a report by PR News, finally, he and his wife took the idea to the University of Maryland. To show their dedication, the Levensons put up the first $75 million. The state of Maryland then put up an extra $20 million.

Once everything was worked out, the university added Philanthropy 101 to their list of classes. Students participating in the program are given $10,000 to put toward a cause of their choice. It’s no wonder that students responded well.

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