Krishen Iyer, the Driving Force behind Managed Benefit Services

Krishen Iyer is a well-known businessman in the field of insurance. He is the founder and owner of Managed Benefits Services, Fresno based insurance marketing company. The primary business of Managed Benefit Services is to help other companies to generate and obtain traffic in particular vertices. MBS is a Licensed Insurance Agency as well as a Marketing and Advertising Company. The mission of the firm is to sort out companies in both their broad and localized marketing efforts.

Krishen Iyer is not new in the insurance and marketing industry. He started his career journey soon after graduating from San Diego University with a degree in Public Administration. His first company to establish was named Iyer Real Estate Holdings. Later on, he founded MNP insurance. Under his visionary leadership, the firm registered an impressive growth to the effect that it was listed in the Inc. 5000 list, 2015. After founding MNP, Iyer advanced his expertise a notch higher. He served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer where he did a commendable job in managing the day to day operations of the company. He applied his unique analytical skills to drive the best traffic towards client’s sites. For Krishen Iyer, traffic is not just traffic; he is committed to generating traffic that has a likelihood of becoming future customers to the target business. His customers testify to the massive increase in customers upon engaging the services of MBS. Recently, he developed a multi-layer platform for the firm.

Krishen Iyer is an extremely talented businessman. He is always on the move, discovering novel techniques to better his enterprise by surpassing the expectations of his clients. Early every day, he dedicates his precious time attending and listening to his customers before embarking on other appointments.

Iyer is a sufficiently philanthropic person. He has been active in the charitable activities of the famous Make-A-Wish Foundation. Iyer also assisted disaster-stricken households in Haiti when a devastating earthquake struck almost the whole of the country. He is also a dedicated family man who loves spending valuable time with his family.

David McDonald: The OSI Group Leader.

With over 30 years serving as the OSI group president and COO, David McDonald has overseen the growth of the company to the brand it is now.

Having studied at the Lowa state university, David graduated in the year 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. After graduating, McDonald followed his passion of working with animals whereby he started out with the OSI group as manager in charge of the projects. He has since grown to be the president of the company.

David McDonald has been a significant factor in the growth of the company. Being the Chief Operating Officer, he has managed to coordinate all the company’s activities. Expansion of the company’s operations has been one of his significant contributions. With the recent acquisition of the Tyson food production plant, based in Chicago.

It is expected that they will be able to capture the North American market and ensure a steady supply of their products. Spain has also been one of the places they have been able to obtain and have significantly increased the production of their products through diversification.

McDonald has focused on partnerships around the globe with various firms, warehouses, and processing plants. This has led to the creation of the products which are culturally sensitive and tailored to meet the customer’s expectations.

These new markets have increased the profit margin of the company. Besides that, they have been able to create a perfect working environment for the staff members hence enabling them to achieve their best.

In 2016 August, the OSI group completed the acquisition of the Baho foods, a leading manufacturer of deli meats and snacks. This move mainly purposed to increase their base in Europe. David McDonald lauded the move and noted that the Baho food products would boost the OSI group production strength while ensuring that they sufficiently cater to the customer’s needs.

The Baho leaders also praised the move citing that it would lead to their growth and help them achieve their goals.

During his recent interview with inspires, David McDonald noted that they were able to attract their first customers due to the quality standards they had set. He also articulated that the company’s success had been due to the partnerships they had created. This led to an understanding of the various cultures hence enabling them to make effective market decisions.

He is quite passionate about the growth of the company, and he sees that this will be more so achieved through various innovations and adapting to the normally revolutionary business environment.

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The Live Of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a business person and a renowned philanthropist based in the UK. Sachedina determines to change the Ismailli Community positively not just in the UK but the world as a whole. The individual is a member and an adviser of the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The organization focuses on educating the values of the history of the Ismaili Community and promoting the Muslim culture. Born in 1950, Sachedina moved from Tanzania to the UK during his younger age. The individual joined a medical school upon settling in the UK called Guy Medical Hospital in London. Shortly after, Sachedina graduated from the London University as a dental surgeon.

Shafik Sachedina ensures that the Ismaili Community is influential to all community members. Sachedina works with the Aga Khan Foundation, a UK-based charity organization, and the Aga Khan Development Network to uplift the lives of the people living perverse lives. In two scenarios, Sachedina became the president of the Ismaili Community. The individual spends much of his time, resources, and interest on the Ismaili Community missions.

After graduating from the London University, Shafik Sachedina joined hands with numerous healthcare centers taking various leadership positions to offer proper treatment to humankind. The name of Sachedina became famous through changing the lives of many people through successful therapies. As a philanthropist, Sachedina supported the delegations that settled the confrontational issues between Afghanistan and Syria.

Today, Shafik Sachedina is a co-chair of the Sussex Healthcare. The institution offers emotional and psychological support to the old people. The center began operating in 1985, and it has more than 20 homes and over 530-holding units around Sussex. Under the leadership of Sachedina, the center provides healthcare programs to the new members to show determination in offering proper services. The institution offers a healing environment where every patient gets concerned with the health of the other. Sussex Healthcare is a conducive environment for recreational activities and leisure. Also, the center accommodates adults with developing statuses, like learning disorders, neurological condition, autism, and brain injuries. Various activities taking place at Sussex Healthcare can cure ailments, like depression, some cancer, and mental illness.

The Academy of Art University Is Making the Fashion World Brighter

Having the future in mind helps an individual or organization to make the necessary preparations. When it comes to fashion matters, everyone says the time to think about it is now and not tomorrow. This is what the Academy of Art University proves. From the 2017 fashion show the institution held in September, one can see the world of fashion taking a different futuristic direction. The institution has some of the highly gifted fashion experts who are out to make others aware of some of the fashion tips they didn’t know. The institution had invited some of its alumni and graduates to showcase the fashion talents.

The event had certain collections that included fashion designers, womenswear, and menswear. The fashion designers had to work together to achieve their target. Through innovative designs, the institution intended to create some futuristic attire. The fashion designers were excited when they saw how thrilled the public was with their collections. The designers from the Academy of Art University used some unique synthetic fabrics and PVCs to make their clothes. The designers highlighted that such clothes were the best fit for the coming fashion world. Besides being economical, many people said the attire from the designers were also beautiful.

No one wants to have garbage next to their door or in their house. However, the designers from this esteemed institution said the community should learn how to recycle garbage, and change it into something important like fabrics. Those who attended the fashion event were happy to see how the Academy of Art University was committed to fashion, and no one went home disappointed. As the largest American private university, this institution is highly esteemed for its special skills in art and design.

The students enrolled in this institution each year are more than 12,000. Having over 1,000 faculties indicates the institution has experienced continued growth. Since the Academy of Art University was established in 1929, its main focus has been teaching its students how to advertise art in the most effective way. Over 18,000 students were enrolled in 2012, and this number has continued to increase each year. Fashion week comes after every two years in New York, and this institution highly participates in each. Many other students come from San Francisco to participate and learn some of the skills that make a great fashion designer.

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Saying Aloha to a New Brand from Aloha Construction, Inc

The local siding contractors and roofers for Illinois and Southern Wisconsin called Aloha Construction Inc are launching a new interior decoration service. David A. Farbaky who is the president and CEO of Aloha Construction Inc says that this new branch of the Aloha Builds network “will focus on interior restoration, remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, basements, water extraction, natural disaster aid, and clean up.” Farbaky is full of good news for his company saying “In 2013, we were so ecstatic about having completed 7000 projects in the State of Illinois. We broke 20,000 this year. In 2015, we were focused on providing quality service to the people of Southern Illinois through our (at the time) Bloomberg office. It’s since taken on almost as big a workload as our Lake Zurich location.”

Aloha Construction also serves North Chicagoland where it specializes in roofing, all the types of siding with emphasis on Cedar Shake, and seamless gutters. It provides services there such as cedar siding, door installation, gutter installation, insulation installation, roof cleaning, roof waterproofing, siding installation, siding repair, soffit installation, soffit repair, stucco installation, and window installation. The locations where it has served are Barrington, Grayslake, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Mchenry, Mundelein, North Barrington, Palatine, Port Barrington, Round Lake, Vernon Hills, and Wauconda.

Aloha Construction has also won the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. This family owned and operated general contractor and construction company was selected for many reasons including regular contributions to its local community. There are vast qualifications for the Torch award making it a real honor but Aloha Construction’s dedication, drive, and love for the community according to the panel of judges was part of what separated Aloha Construction from the other companies. The company has also started the David Farbacky Foundation which encourages random acts of kindness for Lake Zurich families.



Marc Beer Leads by Example

Marc Beer is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Renovia Inc. and in his position, he has managed to raise $42 million for a startup for women’s health. To be precise the money will be used to facilitate the manufacture of various new products for pelvic floor disorders that women face. The products will as well require testing to make sure they are safe for consumption by the targeted market. By establishing that almost 250 million women suffer from such disorders like urinary incontinence, it necessitates the need for support to solve that problem. Renovia has worked towards bringing a solution to pelvic floor disorders and it has a product called Leva which is approved for use. Marc Beer has as well incorporated other investors such as the Longwood Fund who work towards the same goal. With such support, the incorporation is likely to achieve its set objectives sooner than expected hence saving women from pain caused by conditions that can get treated.

On his part, Marc Beer through his company makes sure that patients with pelvic floor disorders are informed regarding the illness and the available treatment for the same at an affordable cost. Additionally, making sure women are educated on how to handle their situation is also of the essence to help them recover successfully. The fact that even those who are not victims can access this information is notable as they know how to take precautionary measures as most of them are preventable. The commitment that Marc Beer has towards women’s health is unique and requires a thumbs up as not many would venture into such a field. With the development of technology, it has as well become easy to achieve his goals as more digital health facilities become a part of his initiative.

Marc Beer has a lot of experience in biotechnology which he utilizes in his company making its activities successful. Other than that, he also has vast experience in profit and loss management, sales and marketing as well as research and development program management which explains his administration in the company. He is a graduate of the University of Miami where he attained his bachelors of science in business administration. He as well attended other higher learning institutions such as Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pittsburgh and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Evidently, he is a learned individual and with such massive knowledge, his contribution to his field of business is bound to thrive. Renovia Inc. takes pride in his leadership as he is dedicated to providing all the required support even if he has to seek it externally. In that case, he leads by example by showing that it is fine to ask for help from qualified personnel especially in vital fields that require professionals. Learn more :

Innovative Financing By Wes Edens

Wesley Robert Edens is popularly known globally as Wes Edens, and he appears to be among the few billionaires internationally. 1961 was when he became the citizen of the United States through birth, although currently, he resides in New York City. In fulfillment of his academics, he was enrolled as a student of Oregon University, and Wes left the university in 1984 after being awarded a Bachelor Degree in both Business Administration and Finance. Due to his hard work in  finance sector, he has built an excellent reputation for himself, and his many accomplishments have seen him ascend to top positions. Wes Edens has been an asset to the society to the extent that his impact can be easily be identified and felt such as many people have actualized their dreams as well as changing their living style through his help.

For the six years that is from 1987 to 1993, Wes Edens has been working for Lehman Brothers as a partner and also occupied the position of managing director. The company faced stiff competition from other wealthier company, but he made sure it always had a comparative advantage over them by developing strategies that countered the race. Customer loyalty is almost the goal of each company; therefore in ensuring that its employees were contented with it services, it had a right public image as well as an excellent reputation in the market. Later on, Wes Eden shifted to Black Rock to utilize his skills and until 1997; he has been working in its private equity division where he performed as both a partner and managing director.

In 1998, an asset managing firm which is commonly known as Fortress was brought to existence through Wes Edens and his colleagues joining hand and deciding to work together. While he was at Fortress, his investment lifestyle was dependent on growing business from reserves and innovative financing. Under he his stewardship, Fortress became the first buyout company. Fortress customers benefited much from his skills and the strategies that he developed to aid them in growing and managing their investment.

Wes Edens has been quite instrumental in the transformation of Fortress Investment Group into a mega-company that it is today. Being one of the co-principals of the organization, Wes ensures that all the employees of the company are well- aligned to the goals and objectives of the company so that their efforts are geared towards their achievements.

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2 Things that Adds to the Success of Malcolm CasSelle

Running a company like WAX comes with many different obstacles that need to be overcome. However, with the success that this company has had, the plans that they have implemented, thus far, have not always been the easiest to carry out. However, the results of the team that has banded together is great, especially because the company has become a multi billion successful and effective organization within the span of only 2 years. Therefore, the name of Malcolm CasSelle has become very relevant as the president of WAX. WAX has been very instrumental in ensuring the blockchain platform that they are promoting is what everyone needs today in order to get started with their goals and objectives in this industry.

It is also important to note that he has an online interview that brings you into his world of block chain to the average consumer along with the personal and business habits that he uses to stay on the cutting edge.

Pays Special Attention to Time Management

If you are going to run a successful company today, you need to have very good time management skills and practices. With time management, you have an opportunity to use time in an organized fashion that will save you minutes in some cases and in others many hours. Therefore, you can make the most out of your 24 hour day when you are dealing with both personal and business activities. Hence, if you want to know more about the time management of a multi billion dollar company executive, you will need to look up what CasSelle is saying about he stays productive.

Advocates Building the Organization with a Green Theme

Today, a green theme can have a different meaning in the circles in which one travels. Specifically, when green is part of the conversation that CasSelle addresses with his audiences. For instance, green means targeting a place in the industry that no other competitor is covering and it is a very profitable area that can easily make money for those that enter in. Simply put, the most innovative leaders will steer their crews into green pastures that have been left wide open.

Ted Bauman Helps People Protect Their Assets

Ted Bauman was recently featured in an interview published on Inspirey. There he revealed that he has sought to build a career that connects people with great resources to help them gain financial freedom. He was born in Washington, but his family emigrated to South Africa. He went to the University of Cape Town where he studied economics and history. For most of his career, he held a variety of jobs helping people gain financial assistance. He even acted as a fund manager and was a part of organizations like Slum Dwellers International.

Later in his career, international governments and the United Nations sought his advice. This provided Ted Baumen with a deep understanding of economics and politics and the way they can both influence society. During the financial crash, Ted Bauman returned to the states to become the Director of International Programs. With his deep understanding of economics, he was able to help them move towards a more sustainable plan.

In 2013, Banyan Hill Publishing asked him to become an editor. He wrote a financial newsletter called the “Bauman Letter” that provides advice about securing current wealth and preserving it. Ted Bauman’s advice and strategic investment tips help subscribers build wealth intelligently. He also has a weekly stock trading service called “Smart Money” where subscribers gain valuable insight.

Ted Bauman was also featured on the Affiliate Dork website article “Banyan Hill Offers investors Information the Won’t Get from Wall Street.” The article was written by Brandon Ferguson to discuss the growing publisher of independent investment advice. The company has been around since the late 1990’s but it was recently rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing. The company was created to focus global experts on giving actionable advice to their subscribers. The editors provide insight into asset protection, entrepreneurship, and investing. Ted Bauman took the job as editor to help people get rid of the constant financial strain that so many people are unhappy with. The company takes its name from the banyan tree that supports itself with a variety of roots extending through the earth with multiple trunks. They can survive more natural disasters because of the different trunks, and that support is what they hope to provide to their clients.

William Saito and Programming Abilities

The Internet is without a doubt an indispensable component of modern society. It, despite that, hasn’t even been a force for most human beings for an excessively lengthy stretch of time. Information security is vital for all sorts of reasons. People require it for purposes of privacy. They require it for other key purposes, too. The Internet is transforming itself in a rapid manner.

Security on the Internet can use serious enhancements at this time. People hear all about hacking nightmares on a frequent basis. Government groups, businesses and even normal people experience hackings all of the time. People have to start figuring out how to combat issues that pertain to security on the Internet. If they fail to do so, it may lead to substantial issues further on down the line. Companies will start having trouble believing the data that’s accessible on their computer screens. Normal people will start having trouble believing it as well. This will take power away from the Internet. People will cease viewing it as being an incredibly dependable and effective device.


William Hiroyuki Saito is a California man. His interest in software programming popped up at an early age, too. He started concentrating on the subject when he was still just a young elementary school student. This acclaimed entrepreneur has a lot of knowledge that relates to topics such as cybersecurity, biometric authentication and even encryption. Saito offers his advice to various governments for nations all over the planet.


Saito was at the helm of a well received book that’s called “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” This book came out in the beginning of 2012. It’s the account of a young wizard of sorts. It goes into a child who showed incredible strengths early on in the game. It delves into a youngster who goes after all sorts of things in the business sector. The book is a suitable fit for people who want to acquire knowledge from adept and capable entrepreneurs. It’s a suitable fit for motivated and tenacious people who wish to set up companies that are fully their own.