Aloha Restoration Proudly Starts Offering Mold and Water Removal Services

Aloha Restoration Co. is the new sister company of Aloha Construction, Inc. While the latter company focuses on the exterior of homes such as siding and roofing, Aloha Restoration provides its services on the inside. They provide interior restoration services including the removal of mold and water as well as fire and smoke damage restoration. They can also remodel any room in a home and provide a competitively-priced carpet cleaning service.
This company first opened its doors in August 2017. Prior to doing so, Aloha Restoration became licensed and certified to work in the field of disaster recovery. Their phones are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they can be quickly reached in an emergency situation. After being contacted they will send out a repair crew who will help the fire department secure the home and prevent further damage from occurring.
When it comes to mold it is a health hazard, especially black mold. For this reason, it is critical to bring in a team of professionals who can get rid of every trace of it. Aloha Restoration has employees who are experts at irradicating all traces of mold from a home. After identifying mold they put measures in place to keep everyone safe, assess how much it has spread, and do contamination control. After removing the mold they use HEPA air scrubbers so that any floating in the air is removed from the home.
After a big storm, basements or the lowest floor of a home can end up being flooded. Aloha Construction has the equipment and expertise to get all of the water removed inside of 48 hours, leaving the home in a bone-dry condition. Not only will the home not experience any residual effects from the flooding but the water mitigation team will leave behind literature explaining what to do the next time it occurs.