Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: How to take a better smartphone picture

With the advances in technology every year there are so many different ways to capture a memorable moment. Most of us can agree that getting the best photograph possible is important. Smartphone users that understand lighting and depth can create the best scene. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa da breaks down tips for better photograph quality:

Wait an extra second

Smartphone cameras are now equipped with some of the highest quality accessories on the market. These advanced cameras on can take clear and sharp pictures almost instantly. Waiting an extra second to line up the shot perfectly can create a better outcome.

Take advantage of composition

The key is to take note of balance. Position the camera so that horizon stands in the middle of the screen. The viewer will not know what to soak in first.

Stand closer to scene

The problem with smartphone cameras is they are still small and are not equipped with the best zoom. That means focusing in on a scene will cause blurriness and excess noise. To capture a better image you will have to move the camera closer to the scene.

Do not use flash

The light that results from the flash of a camera is quite powerful. It can create excess shadows and highlights that disrupt the overall meaning of the scene. Unwanted glare is always troublesome according to Figueroa.

Compare different applications

The default smartphone camera is great and will produce quality pictures, but some applications are better than others. A few third-party applications will offer more tools than others.

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Take note of all tools in default camera application

Applications can have all of the useful tools needed to produce the best looking photograph. There are options for brightness, camera speed, and motion blur.


Several smartphones will automatically take a few different times of photographs on Facebook with the press of a button. You get a regular image and a High dynamic range (HDR High Dynamic Range) image.

Compare filters

There are several filters available for purchase as well as embedded into social media accounts. Each network has all kinds of combinations of effects to make the perfect photograph.

Keep the lens clean

It can be hard to keep an electronic lens clean when constantly transporting it around or dropping it by accident. A dirty lens only hurts the images. Keeping a cloth is not a bad idea.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a business executive working out of Venezuela. He has worked as a Treasurer, Director and President for multiple companies. He continues to help young companies and entrepreneurs grow by coaching them to success.

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