Ten Tips on How to Develop a To Do List

Many people and businesses may wonder if there is a magic formula for developing a to do list. The good news is that there are many ways in which a to do list can be established for both individuals and businesses. By using a to do list, you will be ale to make life a lot easier. With an effective to do list, you will be able to get things done on time, reduce the amount of evening time at your desk and also begin thinking about going on a vacation. There are ten tips on how you can establish an effective to do list.

The first way in which you can establish a to do list is to capture everything. This means that you will want to document every task that you want to complete by writing them down. Another tip to establish a to do list is to prepare your list in advance. You will also want to put your list in one place so that you can get easier access to it. It will also be important to time all of your tasks and determine what exact time you want to start and finish a particular task. You will also want to define your priorities, keep revaluating your goals and tasks and also delegate your tasks to reduce stress. Another way to form a to do list is to break up every task into a numerical format of sub tasks. Lastly, you will want to batch tasks and assign energy levels. This means that you will want to complete tasks when you are at your most alert and energetic.

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Dick DeVos Sees Potential In Growth Of Grand Rapids

For most people, the growth of their city over time is an impersonal thing. Buildings come up and then down, the economy grows and then tumbles, and all along the only thing that they can do is watch. This isn’t the truth for Dick DeVos, a prominent GOP supporter and former Republican candidate for governor. Dick DeVos, alongside his wife and U.S. Secretary of State Betsy DeVos, have been mainstays in Michigan’s political scene for the better part of the past thirty years. Their staunch support of reformation for the educational system has made them into mainstream conservative mouthpieces for reform on a broader level. However, if you are just now learning about Dick and Betsy DeVos then you have missed out on a ton of their history. Specifically, we are talking about how Dick DeVos and a group of prominent business leaders helped to lead Grand Rapids toward prominence over the past 27 years.


The year was 1991 and rumors around the business offices of Grand Rapids were all focused on one idea: a new convention center was slated to be built downtown. Convention centers are typically inconsistent in terms of results for taxpayers and local businesses. The best conventions centers, like Madison Square Garden, can become iconic pieces of property that turn cities into destinations. The worst convention centers, or the most typical, end up becoming giant tax burdens on residents and business owners alike. Dick DeVos saw firsthand what had happened in Detroit when the Pistons and Lions abanded their convention centers and he knew that Grand Rapids couldn’t survive the same process.


So, in order to push back against this supposed convention center, Dick DeVos formed the Grand Action group. The Grand Action group was a committee made up of the most prominent and proactive business leaders in all of Grand Rapids. They formed in order to protest the convention center while also directing attention and energy toward reformation in Grand Rapids that would leave a lasting impression on current residents and future residents alike. Their work would be formative in the erection of the Grand Rapids skyline that we are familiar with today. From medical school facilities to massive open markets, the Grand Action group played a vital role in facilitating growth in the city of Grand Rapids. Now, Dick DeVos is looking to maintain that crystal clear view of the future of his city through continued good work.


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All you Need to Know About Aloha Construction

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful house that has been constructed by experts. It is also the wish of many to work in modern offices that have been developed using the best construction materials. This can only be possible when the right company is given the job. Aloha Construction is this kind of a company. The contracting firm has been serving customers in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Apart from having the best services, the organization is highly respected in the market because it has invested in getting the best field supervisors, office team, inspectors, specialists and installers who have been in the market long enough to serve customers in the best way. These professionals have been able to successfully complete twenty thousand structures among the local communities.

Aloha Construction is currently family operated and owned, and it has managed to go through some advancement so that it can give its customers the best. At first, it was only known to be a tiny small businessman, but it has grown into one of the leading contractors in the country. Aloha Construction has secured a reputation that can never be matched in the market because it never took its customers for granted. The institution prides itself for taking care of the safety of the buildings so that the customers never complain.

Honesty means a lot to many organizations. Since it came into the competitive market, the institution has been doing all it can to maintain very high levels of honesty and professionalism. All the contractors, company agents, suppliers, insurance adjusters, and associates are always happy because they are involved in the processes taking place in the company. Aloha Construction gives its customer the most respected position by maintaining high satisfaction rates, regardless of the challenges they came across. The company leadership compares to none too.

Aloha Restoration Proudly Starts Offering Mold and Water Removal Services

Aloha Restoration Co. is the new sister company of Aloha Construction, Inc. While the latter company focuses on the exterior of homes such as siding and roofing, Aloha Restoration provides its services on the inside. They provide interior restoration services including the removal of mold and water as well as fire and smoke damage restoration. They can also remodel any room in a home and provide a competitively-priced carpet cleaning service.
This company first opened its doors in August 2017. Prior to doing so, Aloha Restoration became licensed and certified to work in the field of disaster recovery. Their phones are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they can be quickly reached in an emergency situation. After being contacted they will send out a repair crew who will help the fire department secure the home and prevent further damage from occurring.
When it comes to mold it is a health hazard, especially black mold. For this reason, it is critical to bring in a team of professionals who can get rid of every trace of it. Aloha Restoration has employees who are experts at irradicating all traces of mold from a home. After identifying mold they put measures in place to keep everyone safe, assess how much it has spread, and do contamination control. After removing the mold they use HEPA air scrubbers so that any floating in the air is removed from the home.
After a big storm, basements or the lowest floor of a home can end up being flooded. Aloha Construction has the equipment and expertise to get all of the water removed inside of 48 hours, leaving the home in a bone-dry condition. Not only will the home not experience any residual effects from the flooding but the water mitigation team will leave behind literature explaining what to do the next time it occurs.

Leadership Training In OSI Group’s European Operations Underway

As one of the largest meat processing firms in the world, OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people around the world. The company operates 65 plants in 17 countries — but no matter what the nation or location, OSI Group places a premium value on its people. Read more on careerbuilder.com

As OSI President David McDonald said, that adage about “a company being only as good as the people who work for it” just happens to be true. Happy employees earning good pay in a safe and clean work space, and people who enjoy coming to work every day, is a key driver of robust business success.

Leadership is also a key factor. The OSI Group philosophy is that leadership is not just for the boardroom. It is not strictly a top-down dynamic. Leadership is important on many levels and within every diverse department of a complex company.

The OSI Group facility in Gersthofen, Germany, recently launched a leadership training program focused on shop floor managers and supervisors. The program is designed to develop skills in the rapidly changing and evolving business climate of the food industry — where constant innovation and change require strong adaptation skills.

Leadership and the ability to communicate effectively are critical skills that make the difference between a smoothly running operation and one that drifts into sub-par production modes.

OSI Europe’s Training Manager Nigel Hurley said bringing out this comprehensive leadership and communication training program shows OSI Group’s intense commitment to developing its people on every level. Trainees in the program will work through an 18-month course of “modules.” The topics are leadership, communication, change management and virtual leadership.

Part of the program is getting feedback from employees who work through the modules. Silke Heller is a project manager at the Gersthofen facility. She said the training she has completed so far has enhanced her understanding of the dynamics and process of leadership. This insight, Heller said, has given her an all-new perspective on being a manager who is also part of a team.

OSI plans to roll out the 18-month training program throughout its other European locations.

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