Securus Technologies Wants to Improve Prisons For Inmates and Their Workers

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and is working to secure the safety of over 3,500 people in public safety and other law enforcement jobs. The agency is working to create a better tomorrow for inmates and their families along with the people who work within the prison walls.


There are over a million inmates who are incarcerated at one time in the United States. Of those inmates, there are crime levels of inmate to inmate attacks that could be prevented with the right sources, teachings, products or services. It is the job of Securus Technologies to come up with different ways to decrease the levels of crime rates in the prison system.


Every year, Securus Technologies is asked to help with solving the crime rate inside of prisons. Their main goal weekly is to come up with a new and exciting way to lessen the crime levels whether it is from eliminating contraband inside the prisons or finding a way to prove what crimes have been committed and who is responsible for the crime.


There are certain things that go on inside a jail which could be prevented if the right services and products are used. For instance, if an inmate has a contraband phone and attempts to use the phone, the phone will be unable to access the mobile network from within the prison walls.


Another good idea that Securus has worked on is the recording of all calls being placed from within the walls of the prison. These phone calls can then be listened to in order to hear a burden of proof that needs to met for an inmate who is responsible for a crime. If the inmate speaks to someone about the crime that they are charged with, the call can then be played back and can be used in a trial to prove that the inmate was responsible for the crime they are charged with.

Making The Lime Crime Dream a Reality

Starting a makeup brand from scratch might have sounded like a crazy idea to some people, but to Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the whole idea just made perfect sense. Deere is a Russian emigre who came to the United States as a teenager, and she’s always been known for following her dreams. Deere started out as a musician in New York City, and her experiences as a promoter for her band taught her a lot about how to market a creative entity. She followed her dream with an online fashion company, and then used what she learned about color and online marketing and moved into cosmetics. Today, Lime Crime is a hugely popular brand, but beneath it all is the woman who kept following her idea of what really looks good.

To Deere, the unicorn is a symbol of something beautiful and unique, which is why the unicorn is also a symbol for Lime Crime. This line has Unicorn lipsticks and Unicorn hair color, and the colors Lime Crime uses are bold and beautiful, with a rock and roll edge that’s incredibly attractive. To Deere, using purple, pink and blue for hair and lip colors is an idea whose time has come, so who’s to say she shouldn’t use it in her brand?

Using Social Media to Great Effect

Deere’s savvy use of the Internet is a big part of this brand’s success. Lime Crime’s Instagram page is interactive, and uses pictures of the brand’s real users to show off new looks. The page has become wildly popular with users, and its interactive use has made it take off into the stratosphere. All of this is just another innovation from Lime Crime and Doe Deere.

In years past, the idea of pink or purple hair might have thrown some people, but not Doe Deere. To Deere, being beautiful is what it’s all about, and if pink hair makes a woman look good, then so be it. That’s the philosophy that lead Lime Crime to success, and Doe Deere took it all the way. Learn more:

Desiree Perez on the Future of Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is one of the mostly hidden forces behind the rise of Roc Nation, the legendary hip-hop company established by Jay Z. In 2008, Jay Z and Roc Nation signed a contract with the company Live Nation for 10 years, $150 million. The contract helped to elevate Jay Z’s already sizable profile while also helping to raise the bar for the musicians at Roc Nation. Now, with the deal set to expire, Roc Nation and Live Nation have some very serious conversations to engage in. Roc Nation, with Jay Z and Desiree Perez in charge, are now looking at potential options for future endeavors.

Live Nation deal with Roc Nation has a ‘buy-sell’ clause triggered in 2018 and that means that Roc Nation could be a free agent in as little as a year. Roc Nation has a roster of talented, in-demand artists, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, Jay Z, Fat Joe and Shakira. Perez has been hands-on in cultivating the rise of Rihanna into a worldwide megastar. It makes sense that Perez would be included in potential deals and that is why eyebrows were raised when Jay and Perez sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group. UMG and Jay Z have had a quality relationship for years but now their contact is taking on a renewed focus. An insider close to UMG said of their meeting with Jay, “Our partnership is pretty significant as it is. Jay Z is phenomenal and it would be great to get further into business with him.”

Jay Z and Desiree Perez have a variety of different options to consider before signing on the new dotted line for Roc Nation’s future. Roc Nation and Jay Z have played their cards relatively close to the vest over the past year so it remains to be seen what direction they will be going in.

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