Omar Yunes Is A Market Changer

Omar Yunes has won many awards in the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) in the recent years. Case in point, last year, Omar was ranked the best franchise in the whole world in a BFW that was held in Florence, Italy. He was representing the Sushi Itoo Japanese food chain that has grown tremendously under his leadership.

Omar became a franchise at Sushi Food Itoo when he was only 21 years. He shows tremendous commitment to the course and has so far expanded the venture into 13 branches, which is almost ten percent of all the company branches. All the branches are located in several sections of Puebla, Mexico, and Veracruz.

As Omar accepted the BFW award, he said that it belonged not only to him but also to his entire team of 400 workers. The event was attended by CEOS from 34 countries including Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil. In determining who wins the award, several factors were considered among them the effect on the network, management, ability to motivate employees, contribution in terms of savings and invoice improvements among other factors. In all these aspects, Omar scooped the award since he leads a team of highly motivated, innovative, and productive workers.

Diego Elizarrarrás, the chief organizer of the BFW Mexico, termed Omar as an important change factor in the relationship between franchisees and franchising. Further, he said Omar brings in new experiences and innovations that no other franchisee has in the history of Sushi Food History. Diego also said that Omar plays an important role in implementing the information boards, control boards, and information technology management. Click here to know more about him.

Another speaker Benjamin Cancelmo, who is the CEO in Sushi Itto, said that they were very proud of Omar’s achievement in the company since he had helped the brand grow in many ways. Cancelmo further said that the awards were the manifestation of the firm’s efforts to provide remarkable flavors, excellent services, and unique hospitability to the customers.

Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a Mexican based investor, who represents the Sushi Itto brand. Omar has won very many awards in the BFW held on annual basis.

TV Producer Norman Lear Launches His First Podcast With Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

There are not many media executives who have been able to gracefully manage the transition from a media environment in which analogue forms of media such as television, radio, newspapers and print magazines were the primary ways that people got their news and enjoyed their entertainment. Some institutions and individuals have found the transition from a world where the hometown newspaper and local radio station reigned supreme to a world where these entities are facing more competition from the internet difficult to manage. But veteran radio executive Norman Pattiz is not one of those professionals.

Pattiz is known for making his mark in the world of radio where he oversaw some of the most high profile radio broadcasts in his industry. Today Pattiz is the man behind a growing podcasting empire that is known as PodCastOne. Pattiz has gone from being a titan in his industry that was asked by more than one American president to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors to being a leader in the new and dynamic podcasting industry. His company hosts podcasts from some of the most recognizable names in entertainment and journalism such as Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla and Heather Dubrow. In April of 2017 Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne announced that they would be adding another well known personality to their roster of podcast hosts. Pattiz partnered with television producer Norman Lear to launch a new podcast that is known as All of the Above. Learn more:

Norman Lear has captivated and won over audiences throughout the years by producing some of the most popular shows in television history. Some of these shows include The Jeffersons which followed the feisty patriarch of a small family as they made the transition from a humble abode to a “deluxe apartment in the sky” and the family comedy Good Times. Lear is also known for producing shows like All In The Family, Maude and One Day at a Time. Now with the help of PodcastOne and its Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz Norman Lear made his podcast debut this past Spring. Learn more:

Lear’s podcast All of the Above takes place on a weekly basis and covers topics such as politics, music, pop culture, family issues and comedy. All of the Above also features guests that include everyday people and celebrities like comedian and actress Amy Poehler, comedian Jerrod Carmichael, actress America Ferrera of Superstore and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Listeners will likely enjoy listening to Norman Lear’s perspective as a man who has lived a life that includes fighting in World War II and becoming a television luminary.

Clay Siegal, CEO of Seattle Genetics Focusing on Fighting Cancer

Seattle is the home of the headquarters of Seattle Genetics. The building that is home to the office is a building that has a triangular sculpture that has the appearance of being constructed from Lego bricks of a human antibody. This fits the company whose main focus is studying and manipulating human antibodies that go into drugs.

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and has a strategy to become large enough to become a pharmaceutical company within the biotech community in the city. The antibodies are used as a therapy treatment plan for diseases like cancer since the antibodies are able to destroy the cancer cells from inside the body.

The company’s co-founder, CEO, chairman and president Clay Siegall says o the company’s long list of drugs it is proof of wanting to enlarge the company. Currently, it is worth $10 billion, employees 900 people and is the largest biotech company in Washington. Mr. Clay Siegall said of the company they want to move beyond being the largest biotech company and focus on drug development. This would allow the company to deal with the complications involving the international market in case of new drugs. To this end, Mr. Siegall withdrew a bid of $2 million in May after the February bid to obtain worldwide rights to commercialize a cancer drug. This drug is under development by Immunomedics based in New Jersey.

The Seattle Genetics company has eleven other drugs in the works and sent $376 million in research. This focus is on an antibody conjugate drug or ADC, which targets the antigens or protein molecules that cause the immune system to produce antibodies. This is able to deliver what the company refers to as smart-bombs that can kill cancer cells but does not harm the tissue. Then a second drug is known as 33A and is crafted to target acute myeloid leukemia. Though, the testing of this drug was stopped after four patient deaths.

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics in 1998, as well as chairman, CEO, and president of the biotech company. He attended the University of Maryland wearing a BS in Zoology and then attended George Washington University earning a Ph.D. in Genetics.

Mr. Siegall was employed at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991-1997. He also worked at the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991. He serves as director of two privately held biotech companies, Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc and Marina Therapeutics.


Andrew Rolfe Is Committed To The Success Of The Ubuntu Fund

Over the years, the Ubuntu Fund has been supporting children from the disadvantaged families in Africa. According to their records, they have helped more than 400,000 needy children. The management of the Fund continues to provide their service to many other needy children. Notably, the Ubuntu Education has developed an innovative program that seeks to ensure that they support children from their cradle until they begin their career.

When the Fund was founded in 1999, Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula, focused on providing education. However, with the passage of time, they realized that education was not having much impact on the students. Upon conducting a research, they found out that most people came from families that had been affected or infected with HIV. In addition, they realized that most families could hardly afford three meals a day. It is for this reason that the institution started offering nutrition and healthcare services to the children.

In line with its objective of helping the needy children in the society, the management of the Fund organized for a gala dinner. The event was well-attended. The 300 guests were entertained by a Xhosa choir. In addition, they were provided with a variety of meals. At the end of the event, the Fund had managed to raise more than £603,000. The leadership of the Fund posited that they would use the money to increase the school’s capacity. Moreover, they would expand the school’s pediatric clinic for purposes of providing the needy children with quality healthcare services. The remainder of the money would be used for increasing the number of disadvantaged children at the Fund’s school campus.

To date, the Fund’s document shows that since inception, they have supported more than 400,000 children in Africa. The Fund is optimistic that they will be able to help many needy children going into the future.

About Andrew Rolfe

As the chairperson of the noble institution, Andrew is heavily involved in ensuring that the Fund has adequate resources. In addition, Andrew is credited for ensuring that the Fund is running as a going concern.

Over the years, Rolfe has gained immense success in various managerial positions. He has worked for PepsiCo Restaurants International, Booker Food Service and Pret A. Manger. Andrew Rolfe has also been an executive at the Gap.


Richard Shinto: Making InnovaCare Great

Despite health being a conscious priority in today’s society, not many people actually know about healthcare innovators and leaders. One of the today’s greatest healthcare leaders is Dr. Richard Shinto. For more than 20 years, Dr. Shinto has worked in managed care; specializing in working with clinical and operational healthcare.

Currently, he serves as President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. Prior to InnovaCare, he dedicated much of his time to Aveta Inc. After Aveta’s sale in 2012, he moved to InnovaCare and began assisting the company in its mission to redefine healthcare management. He’s regarded as the company’s greatest medical asset.

Of his many accomplishments with InnovaCare, making InnovaCare is the biggest provider of managed care in Puerto Rico is his most renowned. That victory earned him the position of CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans. Like many other physicians, Dr. Shinto is a practicing physician and maintains his medical license.

It’s not just Dr. Shinto who’s making InnovaCare Great. The company culture is all about its patients. InnovaCare’s foundation is set in such a way that it naturally brings success. InnovaCare is all about redefining today’s healthcare management. Leaders like Dr. Shinto give the company the most impact.

The other side of InnovaCare’s culture is responsible leadership. While having brilliant leaders who focus mainly on patient-health is great; it’s really up to the stakeholders to hold themselves accountable to their customers. Great companies have stakeholders who believe in high levels of transparency and providing the best quality possible.

Aside from Dr. Shinto’s contributions, InnovaCare is also grateful to have Penelope Kokkinides rejoin the leadership. A few years ago, Penelope Kokkinides left her COO position at InnovaCare for a higher position at another company. In 2015, she rejoined the company and started serving as the new Chief Administrative Officer.

Like Dr. Shinto, Kokkinides spent more than 20 years in the managed care industry. In her case, she focused more on the business and model development area. In a way, the Chief Administrative position suits her better than COO. She’s an expert at developing clinical programs.

As for her credentials, her Bachelor’s she earned from Binghamton University. Her first Master’s, she earned from New York University. And her last to master’s, she earned from Columbia University School of Public Health.