How We Caught a Fugitive Using Securus Technologies

When there is a fugitive on the loose, my team of officers are called in to take care of the situation before things get out of control. The call we received this week was especially alarming because this suspect was holding up banks in the area on a regular basis. Just when we thought he was done, he would resurface and hit the same three banks in the same order. At this point we knew he was baiting officers to try and arrest him, something we were determined to do.

The last bank that was robbed provided us a clue to the identity of our suspect. When he tried to get away, the dye-pack exploded and he dropped everything right on the street. We were able to get fingerprints and even DNA sample, now all we needed was to find our suspect. We knew that no one in the town was talking, so we had to go where we know people can not resist the urge to talk about crimes.

At the local prison, the inmates know me and my team all too well. They knew why we were there this time, and even though they will never talk directly to us, we had a secret weapon in Securus Technologies this time. The company installed the inmate call monitoring system, and we knew if we listened long enough, these crooks would rat each other out in a heart beat.

That afternoon, the system detected chatter from one inmate complaining he was never compensated for helping with the first robbery, and mentioned how our suspect and his girlfriend blew the money at the casino. We put the girlfriend under surveillance, having never even heard of her before, and she was the key in helping us catch our suspect in the act later that week.


Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega And His Co-op Plans

Nobody was really surprised when Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, the actual executive V.P. of a company called Grupo Televisa, was making a purchase for a $16.5 million apartment. It has some interesting architectural features that were previously not allowed in the Co-op. Grandfathered in, however, the features still exist and offer some of the best details to the property. The aluminum windows are a gorgeous addition.

The Co-op has made some serious changes over the years as well. Here are some of the ways that Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has helped maintain the Co-ops original structure for added elegance.

Maria de la Concepcion de Angola Legorreta is one of the most accomplished Barron of the Spanish-speaking media world. His accomplishments are world-wide. His accolades stated simply in his native country of Mexico, is that of being one of the best financial attorneys for business today. His talents and knowledge have helped him to achieve this and have led to his ability to buy and sell some of the best real estates in the world. No details are omitted in his lavish lifestyle either.

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Paying the full asking price for the prestigious address on Fifth Avenue in New York City, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and his wife, Maria de la Concepcion de Angola Legorreta, were not about to allow the building to fall victim to the architectural times. The pair has made a lot of changes for the better in historical accountability. It is impressive for sure. Now they are selling it, at no doubt a hefty profit.

The whole process involved a lawsuit against Landmarks Preservation Commission for the right to keep the windows as they are, rather than changing them back to what the commission required. Having won that battle was undoubtedly a significant victory for the couple.

There is no doubt that the feature that was allowed to remain, that held the greatest value for the couple was the fact that the location is near their $44 million mansion, previously purchased in 2010. Perhaps the goal is one to match that decadence. If so, they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

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Choosing Fine Wine Made Easier by UKV PLC

Unlike in most cases where the grape variety is printed on a bottle’s label, French wines have a complicated method of wine production and labeling. The bottles are labeled by region of their origin. The idea behind this is that the difference in local tradition, climate, topography, altitude and soil in different areas results to a certain uniqueness in the wine brand. It can therefore be difficult for beginners to understand this.

There are a few regions to put into consideration; one of these is the Burgundy region, which produces both white-made using chardonnay grapes and red wine. From here, winemakers and their vineyards have established a good reputation. This has resulted to demand for high prices for some of their brands such as Cote de Beaune Chardonnay. The Bordeaux region is known for wine exports. It produces medium-body reds and their bottles may hold Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc or Carbernet Sauvignon. The Northeastern region is known for producing good quality Champagne improved due to the double-fermentation process used as a result of cold temperatures. The Loire region produces almost every kind of wine but the upper part specializes in Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc while the area closer to the ocean produce Muscadet.

Evidently, France is home to a myriad of appellations. The process of choosing a brand through the many available options can be daunting. Fortunately, you can buy the best investment grade luxury fine wine through UKV PLC- a small group with vast understanding of French Wine. UKV PLC operates as an independent wine company; it is therefore linked to an infinite supply chain, which gives it access to valuable fine wines. You can be sure that your order will not fail. Click here to know more.

UKV PLC’s knowledgeable team of consultants will take you through the available options and help you choose the most appropriate brand for any occasion. The company is trusted for supplying UKC PLC wines such as Mouton, Rothschild, Latour, Chateau Lafite, Lafite Rothschild and many more as well as Champagne. For more information about the highly specialized company, you can find them on Facebook as UKV PLC and follow them on Twitter @UkvPlc.

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“The Greyhound Diaries” Takes Doug Levitt on a Never Ending Journey Across America

For many people around the world the U.S. is a dream destination, but the American Dream is often limited to a few metropolitan areas of America where the mainstream media focuses its efforts in gathering and dispersing news. Artist Doug Levitt has been working on an ongoing project for more than a decade that has seen him travel by various bus lines to create what has become known as “The Greyhound Diaries” and has seen him complete bus journeys totaling more than 120,000 miles.

Levitt points to the childhood he enjoyed in Washington D.C. as a reason for his interest in exploring the truth behind poverty and the social crisis that is ongoing across much of the U.S. to this very day. Pointing to the statistics he has seen on poverty levels in the U.S., Doug Levitt reveals he was inspired to explore the issues facing people in the heart of the country, in part by his attendance in Washington’s public school system; Levitt states poverty is seen in the U.S. capital in some communities, but in other neighborhoods Washington can act as a bubble of protection from social and economic crises. Click here to know more.

“The Greyhound Diaries” sees Doug Levitt interact with those who travel by bus as he tours the country from event to event using the bus with little more than a laptop, guitar, and a bag with a few clothes. Levitt tells the stories of the people he meets in the form of songs, writings, spoken word events, and videos shown via a dedicated YouTube channel. Doug Levitt believes his work is important as he is casting a critical eye on the parts of the country that are often given no voice in national politics or the media. A former journalist with some of the top networks in the U.S., Doug Levitt spent much of the 1990s and early 21st century living and working in London before returning to the U.S. and discovering the truth about poverty levels in his home country.