Mike Heiligenstein & Other Transportation Experts Coming Together for Improvements

In recent news, Mike Heiligenstein, the Central Texas Regional Mobility’s executive director, spoke at the 19th Annual Williamson County Growth Summit. The focus was mostly on the city itself; however, there were opportunities to focus on the transportation challenges in the region’s suburban communities and the changing technology of transportation in Austin and worldwide.

The panel for discussion also included Joseph Kopser, RideScott LLC, Leandre Johns, Texas External Affairs of Uber Technologies, and Jared Ficklin, product designer of ArgoDesign. The event was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, their discussion centered on how technology is changing the face of transportation in the Austin region and across the globe.

Mike Heiligenstein mentioned that new technologies, such as ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles, can tremendously change transportation infrastructure, but Austin still needs more and smarter roads built and other growth in transportation capacity. Mayor Alan McGraw of Round Rock responded on what policymakers require to prepare for the future transportation needs. Ficklin said that the flexibility of the land use and building codes need to remain.

About Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Mike Heiligenstein works in the infrastructure development in Central Texas. He currently is the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. This organization is an independent government agency that started in 2002.


This company is made to design a regional and modern transportation network for Central Texas. In 2003, it became operational upon Heiligenstein being chosen by the Board to run this organization.

Mike Heiligenstein represents Central Texas’ growing number of citizens by serving Williamson County’s elected official for 23 years helping to lead efforts to expand infrastructure for expanding transportation, wastewater, and water.

And while serving as an elected official, he served on the region’s MPO, the Clean Air Force of Texas, the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council, and assisting in leading a plethora of other community infrastructure initiatives. Also, as a result so far while under his leadership, his agency is due to reach $136.5 million by 2020, and see $4 billion in assets by 2020 due to a total program in place.

Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://about.me/heiligenstein

Investing in Real Estate: Construcap is Changing The Game

Many people today are excited about the financial opportunities going on in Brazil. For many years, this was a country that was on a great track to be one of the largest economies in the world on Catho.com. Although the rate of growth has slowed some, there are still many investors who are coming by to see what kind of opportunities there are. With all of the population growth according to empregocerto.uol.com.br, housing is more important than ever. This is a great option for anyone who wants to break into real estate. Not only that, but companies like Construcap have a lot of experience working with people who are new to real estate investing.


When Construcap first started out, a lot of people were excited about the possibility of growing a real estate company in Brazil. Before the cycle of economic growth, wealth in Brazil was concentrated only at the very top. Then the country had millions of people come up from the bottom to start being able to afford housing. This big shift in population demographics is a boom to the real estate industry. It is also a major boom to companies within that industry like Construcap. If you want to start investing in this industry, you need to work with a company like Construcap that can walk you through all of the steps necessary to succeed at a high level at http://exame.abril.com.br/noticias-sobre/construcap/.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Construcap wants to work more with real estate investors than ever before. This is a company that is concentrating on the long term track record that they are trying to reach. Not only that, but Construcap sees the value financially in working with people who are going to buy a bunch of properties in the form of an investment according to jornalcruzeiro.com.br. In any case, this is a company that has a lot of opportunities to grow in the future. If you want to work with a growing company that obviously cares about clients, this is a great option for you to succeed at a high level.

Lori Senecal Set To Change Things At CP+B Advertising Agency

Lori Senecal is simply one of the most accomplished women (http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/11/04/wk-s-colleen-decourcy-cpb-s-lori-senecal-and-morgan-stanley-s-carla-harris-discuss) in her industry. The remarkably talented leader has a stellar track record in her career. In her latest move, Lori Senecal was named the global chief executive officer of the advertisement agent Crispin Porter and Bogusky, reports Ad Age. This was after the former chief executive officer, and executive creative director Andrew Keller left the organization. Andrew served the company for 17 years and also acted as the chief executive officer since 2010. In this role, Senecal is handed with the responsibility of supervising the global expansion of the advertising agency. She is also responsible for managing coordination in the company’s eight offices across the globe. This promotion came after CP+B received a 450 million dollars global account from Infiniti.

Before her role at Crispin and Bogusky, Lori Senecal served KBS as the global executive chairman. In this role, Senecal was responsible for driving strategic growth, working with MDC partner agencies in a consultative role and enhancing MDC’s unique model. All this was towards ensuring that the company registered growth and acquired productive partnerships. Lori Senecal had, before the role at KBS served as the president of McCann Erickson located in New York. Her appointment as the president as well as chief executive officer at KBS was due to her remarkable capabilities.

Most importantly, Senecal is well-seasoned in leading major global advertising agencies. According to Fast Company, this kind of experience was in line with KBS’ objectives for growing beyond its New York borders. After her appointment as the chief executive officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, Lori Senecal is going to drop her role as the global executive chairman at KBS and Partners. However, Lori is going to maintain her role as the president as well as the chief executive officer of MDC Partners. She is also going to remain as a member of the MDC’s Board.

Speaking on her appointment, CP+B chairman Tuck Porter said that Lori was good at everything that he was not, this means she would be a perfect complement to the team at the agency. One of the primary attributes that make Lori Senecal so successful is the use of her workforce’s talent. She encourages her workers to be innovative all the time. Lori believes that it is paramount for employees to identify their strengths and how they may benefit their organizations. In her long career, Lori Senecal has continued to garner respect due to her excellence in leadership.

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