Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello provides valuable tactics and experienced directives to achieve growth and adaptation, to a highly aggressive and competitive industry. As the CEO and the President of Nabors Industries, formally known as Anglo Energy, Mr. Petrello earned a Juris Doctors degree from Harvard Law School as well as holding a Bachelors of Science and a Masters Degree in Mathematics, which he acquired during his time at Yale. Nabors Industries is a subsidiary of Nabors, where Mr. Petrello serves as the Chairman of the Board, as well as the director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson, LLC.

Aside from his value as a world renown Executive in the oil industry, he is also a highly respected philanthropist throughout the Houston community. He has donated millions of dollars to healthcare institutions like the Baylor College of Medicine, as well as to the M.D. Anderson Center, to aid in the treatment and preventative research in regards to treating children with neurological disorders.

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This philanthropic endeavor sprang from the discovery that his own daughter was born prematurely, weighing in at barely over 1 pound. She was born with a disabling neurological condition which is common with babies that are born too early. Anthony’s wife, Cynthia Petrello had dreams of their child becoming a dancer, he had dreamt of her becoming a leading mathematician. However, when they discovered that their daughter has this debilitating condition, known as periventricular leukomalacia, which eventually developed into cerebral palsy, they realized that they had to focus more on maintaining her quality of life.

This incident would have depressed most parents, but Mr. Petrello saw it as an opportunity to become proactive within the medical community. He focused intently on leaning a great deal about the subject of neurological illnesses and donated 7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital to combat neurological disease, through a now well funded research facility. He is also on the Board of Trustees and his donations are charitably devoted to children’s medical needs at numerous hospitals.

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John Goullet Uses Multi-Layered Experience to Build one of the Largest IT Staffing Firms in the Country

John Goullet, an IT tech staffing professional and entrepreneur, began his career by working as an IT consultant after graduating from Ursinus College with his Master’s in Computer Science. In 1994, he switched to the IT staffing industry. By working both of these industries, Goullet earned a broad knowledge of the entire industry, which he applied when he founded Info Technologies.

Info Technologies was a company that provided IT staffing solutions to companies all over the country, even some leading Fortune 500 companies. His leadership proved successful when within only 5 years, Info Technologies had a worth of over $30 million. The company was even placed on the list of privately held firms growing the fastest by Inc. Magazine.

Goullet wanted to take his business further by partnering with others. He merged his company with Diversant, Inc., creating Diversant LLC. There he became the new company’s Principal. At Diversant he is responsible for forming strategies that help the company conquer challenges of the ever-changing IT industry. Under his leadership, the company has become an industry leader.

With Goullet’s direction, Diversant has excelled, even in economic downturn. He encourages his staff to perform their duties while maintaining ethical behavior and having respect and discipline. His belief in teamwork has allowed him to build Diversant into the biggest African-American owned company in the country. Diversant also now holds the certification of being a Minority-Owned business, and sits on the top of the industry.

Goullet does his job by paying attention to what is happening within labor markets. He notices that there always seems to be a shortage of IT professional in the industry because the country doesn’t seem to graduate enough students with those particular skills. His job is to see what technologies will be in demand the greatest and start creating pipelines that clients are most likely to require.

He believes that hiring the very best people is the key to a company’s success. Goullet believes in giving employees a piece of the company and always hiring a lot of trainees. Building success requires hiring hundreds of people and empowering his associates with training, mentoring, and management.


Securus Video Chat

Christmas With Securus

When Christmas rolls around, it is time to relax and spend time with family. As you might imagine, this can be a difficult time for the family if you have someone who is incarcerated. This video opens with a little boy who connects to a video chat with his father, who is in prison. After establishing the connection, they tell each other Merry Christmas and the father asks if the boy has opened his presents yet. Once the boy says that he hasn’t, a beautiful moment unfolds and the father urges him to go downstairs so that they can open the presents together.


The boy opens his Christmas presents one by one, as his father shares some great moments with him. As you might imagine, this moment would not have been possible without technology. Thankfully, this company has put some technology in place that makes this very possible not only for this particular family, but for anybody who has a loved one who is imprisoned. This leap in technology is made possible thanks to video chat, and Securus has spread this technology to a number of different people by offering it to prison systems.


How is this beneficial?


There are a lot of benefits to this video chat technology. First and foremost, people will be able to enjoy seeing their family members faces on Christmas morning, even though they are lot behind bars. This is particularly important for children, who tend to take it the hardest when a loved one is locked away. As you might well know, visits to prison can be tedious and invasive and this is something that you might not want to deal with on Christmas morning of all times. Thanks to this technology, families will be united once again during the holidays by chatting on video and not having to go to the process of placing a visit to the jail or prison.


This will save you plenty of money and make it so that you do not have to spend the time, resources and energy required to play for a visit to a loved one in person on Christmas morning. However, you will be able to spread warmth to one another live on video chat thanks to the technology that Securus has provided.


Consider these points and look into the technology that this company provides if you have a loved one who is locked away.