Raj Fernandos: Out with Annual Reviews and in with Real Time

For over a decade. There has been an influx in the number of companies that are looking for something new and kick out the traditional employee. Most companies from around the globe are out to ditch their redundant and outdated systems and replacing them with the informal, frequent check-ins between the employees and managers. At Scoutahead, the company’s platform is to improve and facilitate the real-time feedback that matters most.

While the system has been used for more than a century, why are the companies looking for these better ways of conducting business and performance reviews? For a start, this includes the paperwork generated to mountains. There has also been a critical review by the traditional company. Innovation and creativity have been restructured to promote a collaborative team towards a more focused environment at the working place. Not to mention the subordinates and supervisors disdain for the appraisal process. According to the Harvard business piece of review, “The management performance Revolution” has gathered various business imperatives that make companies adopt these new ways of recruitment for increased performance.

  • Innovation is the main focus of modern business. For this reason the future needs and continually dynamic. While these days businesses struggle to stay in business, they no longer have a clear annual cycle of events. Most of their projects are seeking the achievement of short-term goals. For most, their goals keep changing with time. In most cases, annual work can make a poor assessment at the end.
  • For the companies to increase management efforts and their talent, staff development is increasingly the main focus of most businesses. For this reason, forms are tasking employees with managing their growth. This action is fueled by rich, frequent feedback to their supervisors.

As a matter of fact, traditional appraisal performance has less sense to the companies. The HR management systems now adapt the moving annual appraisals. Scouthead fills the gap between a backward company and the next-generation platform.

Raj Fernando is the Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead. Before founding Scoutahead, he was the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Chopper Trading.


A Rising Star Among Assisted Living Communities: The Manse on Marsh’s Story

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have long been in high demand as there are many people who need their care and are unable to live solely on their own. There are a large number of facilities out there that do not receive the level of care they deserve, and there are even more that are understaffed and do not care for their patients as well as they should. The same cannot be said for the Manse on Marsh facility, coming up as probably one of the best in the country, especially after winning the Caring Star award for two years in a row. Today, the Manse on Marsh facility is primly located within the San Luis Obispo area in California.

Manse on Marsh is independently owned and this special community welcomes all residents within the San Louis Obispo and Arroyo Grande regions. Thanks to all the highly positive ratings and reviews left by an overwhelming number of customers, the Manse on Marsh facility was noticed far and wide. Today, they have become recognized for their ability to exceed expectations and provide the highest level of care for their patients, which can be seen from winning the Caring Star award multiple times.

Receiving a nomination and winning the award doesn’t come easy either, since the facility must have no negative complaints and maintain a 4-star rating, along with individual 5-star ratings from residents who have stayed. Manse on Marsh smashed all the requirements without a problem, as this gorgeous facility functions remarkably and has a great atmosphere around it. The location of the facility also offers many city attractions, as it is close to several interesting places of interest, and many restaurants for residents to eat at.

Manse on Marsh has one of the best care plans that is available for assisted living communities, offering things such as meal reminders, medication management, transportation, laundry, bathing and groom, and a whole lot more. What’s great about this is they offer a specialized plan, and residents only pay for the care that they want, a with 24-hour nurse staff at the ready to help whenever needed.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: How to take a better smartphone picture

With the advances in technology every year there are so many different ways to capture a memorable moment. Most of us can agree that getting the best photograph possible is important. Smartphone users that understand lighting and depth can create the best scene. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa da breaks down tips for better photograph quality:

Wait an extra second

Smartphone cameras are now equipped with some of the highest quality accessories on the market. These advanced cameras on icrowdnewswire.com can take clear and sharp pictures almost instantly. Waiting an extra second to line up the shot perfectly can create a better outcome.

Take advantage of composition

The key is to take note of balance. Position the camera so that horizon stands in the middle of the screen. The viewer will not know what to soak in first.

Stand closer to scene

The problem with smartphone cameras is they are still small and are not equipped with the best zoom. That means focusing in on a scene will cause blurriness and excess noise. To capture a better image you will have to move the camera closer to the scene.

Do not use flash

The light that results from the flash of a camera is quite powerful. It can create excess shadows and highlights that disrupt the overall meaning of the scene. Unwanted glare is always troublesome according to Figueroa.

Compare different applications

The default smartphone camera is great and will produce quality pictures, but some applications are better than others. A few third-party applications will offer more tools than others.

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Take note of all tools in default camera application

Applications can have all of the useful tools needed to produce the best looking photograph. There are options for brightness, camera speed, and motion blur.


Several smartphones will automatically take a few different times of photographs on Facebook with the press of a button. You get a regular image and a High dynamic range (HDR High Dynamic Range) image.

Compare filters

There are several filters available for purchase as well as embedded into social media accounts. Each network has all kinds of combinations of effects to make the perfect photograph.

Keep the lens clean

It can be hard to keep an electronic lens clean when constantly transporting it around or dropping it by accident. A dirty lens only hurts the images. Keeping a cloth is not a bad idea.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a business executive working out of Venezuela. He has worked as a Treasurer, Director and President for multiple companies. He continues to help young companies and entrepreneurs grow by coaching them to success.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: https://www.instagram.com/adrianjvfigueroa/

Town Residential Opens Its 10th Outpost

Town Residential, a residential brokerage company, is growing fast. The residential brokerage firm is opening a new office in the meatpacking district. The office is going to be the 10th Manhattan outpost the firm is opening since it started its operations three years ago. Town Residential intends to bring easy access to an essential swath of residential neighborhoods through the new office along with the Hudson.


Andrew Heiberger is the founder and chief executive officer of Town Residential, established in 2010. Andrew noted that brokers would take clients along the high line to appointments. Andrew also added that the new office is a few steps from the story-high park; therefore, it is located in a strategic location.


Town Residential has leased the whole of the second floor of 446 W. 14th street. The office sits on a 7,100 square foot area, and the lease period will be 15 years. The new office has a 16-foot ceiling, and it has access to a private roof deck, which is on top of the three-story building. Andrew has shown the flair in constructing the Town brand, which places the firm as a brokerage for high-end sales. Andrew noted that the new office is designed to attract brokers too. Andrew said that they believe that Town Residential is the only brokerage firm with an outdoor office that enables brokers to work and meet with clients.


Andrew believes that the office differentiates his firm from its competitors. According to Andrew, the boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram, a company that deals with sales deals in West Village will be moving into the new space. Mr. Heiberger will also relocate to the new space a smaller office operated by Town Residential at 45 Horatio St. in the West Village.


Town Residential has opened other high profile regions recently; including its headquarters located on the ground floor of 33 Irving Place. It has opened one at 530 LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village. However, Andrew refused to disclose the amount of money they pay as rent in the new space. Andrew said that staff in Town Residential’s newest space would include markets from Hudson Yards town as TriBeCa. Andrew also added that the relationship the firm has with Thor Equities; a leading owner of retail space in the city has assisted Town to secure the area.


About Town Residential

Town Residential has cemented its position as New York’s leading luxury real estate service provider. Town Residential has only been in operation for few years; approximately three years. Town Residential specializes in luxury residential sales, commercial and retail, and marketing sales and leasing of asset development. Town Residential has been able to establish a new standard of excellence within the real estate industry through its strong principles. Its team of professionals has knowledge and experience in real estate matters. That explains why they continue to offer an unprecedented level of service and expertise to their customers.


All about smart Lighting form Gooee

It is interesting to note that every gadget that is leaving the manufacturer’s shop is being labeled as Smart. However, when it comes to concept such as lighting, understanding what smart really means becomes tricky because for many people, the era of CFL’s just ended and they didn’t even get used to fluorescent bulbs before they were phased out by Gooee’s LED lighting (https://gooee.com/about). If you are thinking about investing in reliable lighting for the home, below are things to know about Smart Lighting.
First, the smart lighting from Gooee is going to cost a little more than the conventional bulb. This is not the kind of information that a person used to the 30 cent CFL likes to hear, but the perks of paying extra will ease your decision making process. The benefits that come from the use of the lights include the fact that you can connect them to your Smartphone and monitor them remotely. The lights are also fitted with intelligence that helps them discover your preferences in lighting and replicate the intensity, color and hues that you like at different times of the day.
These lamps are also adaptable in that you do not have to manually tune them to get them into energy saving mode along with the rest of the appliances in the home. Ultimately, this means that even with the high initial installation costs, these lights will ultimately save you money in energy bills, and also the cost of replacement because they will certainly last much longer than the CFL. They are a worthy investment.

Types of People that Study the Kabbalah

One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah Centre is that it is an attraction for all types of people. Everyone can visit the place and get something interesting out of the experience. It does not matter what types of differences the person has. He or she will be able to get he type of religion information that he is looking for during the visit. There is in fact plenty of people in the entertainment industry. Among the people that visit the Kabbalah Centre are celebrities like Madonna. Madonna is known for her pop music career and also for a couple of roles in film.

Since Madonna has started studying under a rabbi, she has quit giving concerts on friday nights and instead has devoted that time to learning secrets of Kabbalah. One of the things that she has been given is a red string to put around her wrist for protection. Also, she is taught about evil spirits that she can ward off with the right material. One thing about the Kabbalah is that it makes use of many different types of Jewish rituals and artifacts. People who visit and study from the Kabbalah will find a lot of interesting features.

One of the major attractions to the Kabbalah Centre is its focus on universal wisdom. One thing that a lot of people search for is knowledge, and wisdom. There are some people that search for power. However, the real knowledge lies in power. Also, with great power comes a lot of responsibility. People who gain a lot of knowledge, power, and wisdom are given a huge responsibility as to what they are to do with it. This is one of the reasons that humility is one of the most valued traits in a person. The Kabbalah Centre makes sure that people who study the spiritual teachings are responsible.

Geoff Cone on Global Tax Lifestyles

Geoffrey Cone is a prominent global attorney. He has worked hard to make things work for the people who he has helped and this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing everything right in the country that he is a major part of. It has also allowed him to make more business for himself.

One country that Geoff has to deal with a lot is New Zealand. People are always wanting to move there because they think that they will get tax breaks in the country. This is not the case. It is actually an average tax country and somewhere that people often end up being disappointed in because they are not able to get the tax breaks that they were hoping for. Geoffrey Cone fights to get rid of this ideology because he wants to make sure that people know that they will not get tax breaks just because they live in New Zealand and because they think they can make more money from living there.

New Zealand does have something that is known as tax transparency. This means that they publish tax reports each year to show people that there are different things that they can do with their taxes. They can see what other people make and can see the amount of taxes that they pay on that money. This allows them the chance to see what they will be able to make if they make the decision to move to the country. It also gives other countries a means for comparison of what life is like in New Zealand and what type of taxes people pay.

Geoff Cone is at the forefront of this all. He wants to make sure that people, especially his clients, know that they will be able to live successfully in a different country. He wants them to be as successful as possible when it comes to their lifestyle and he wants to show people what it is like to enjoy tax-free living. For that reason, he encourages all of his clients to look into tax-free living.

Tax-free living happens in countries that are known as tax havens. These are locations that allow people to pay very low taxes or no taxes at all on the money that they make. Many people see this as a great opportunity because they will not have to worry about the options that they have in other countries. They don’t need to worry with figuring out tax brackets or if they have made too much money. Geoff Cone actually takes advantage of this himself and lives in a tax-free country to help himself save as much as possible for living in that country.



Introducing the Internet of Buildings Courtesy of Futuristic IoT LED Lighting

Everyone’s talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) nowadays. But how many have heard of the Internet of Buildings that is slowly taking over the world? The second revolution has been brought about by smart LED’s. Soon, all traditional lighting sources become obsolete and extinct. Ideally, the grand plan is to create an interconnected labyrinth which has three definitive qualities: Ubiquity, network connectivity and access to power.

The Death of Candescent Lights

The elephant in the room remains: Who’s going to prevail in these wars? Who will dominate the market in the end? Of course, the winner will have to come up with intelligent systems which pay particular emphasis on conserving the environment. The next-gen lights will be linked to the communication grid of the house. They come with biometric sensors which sense when one is tired. The lights know when you are headed to the grocery store and they, in turn, illuminate the way with the coupons you need.

Cut Energy Bills

These commodities will all be excellent energy savers and as such, they will more than half the overall energy bills in our homes. Make the change and welcome to the future courtesy of Wi-Fi-connected LED bulbs. Make use of futuristic bulbs which illuminate the house with millions of colors which change according to your mood, the weather and depending on the TV show one is watching.

About Gooee

Gooee is the premier company offering Internet of Things based application to manufacturers who then sell it their end-users. Their products react and respond to stimuli like touch, smell, and even sound. The firm’s CEO is Andrew Johnson and the CTO, and co-founder is Simon Coombes.