Angie Koch Recognized In A Huffington Post Contributor Profile

The U.S. Money Reserve, one of the world’s largest private distributors of precious metals was featured widely in the news and the world of business when the global investors turned to gold amid the turmoil in the stock market.

The CEO of the agency Angie Koch earned a contributor profile from The Huffington Post, and it is now reported that she will regularly be blogging for their contributor platform. Besides being the world-renowned media site, it is also a news site that features information about leaders who are highly coveted.

As the CEO of the agency, Koch has shaped the culture and streamlined the operations to make the organization one of the best in America. Koch is the CEO who loves to create values and opportunity for others both professionally and personally.

She has an extensive background in strategy, business planning and facilitating mergers and acquisitions. On Huffington Post, she is generous to teach young entrepreneurs through her experience on how to run a successful business in the page which has about 79 million unique visitors.

Angie Koch said that she plans to use the platform given by Huffington Post to extend her thoughts about leadership to the young leaders and utilize it to shape people’s leadership behavior, culture and how they manage their wealth.

In her recent post about women empowerment, Koch believes that the newsworthy and notable moments that were seen at both the 2016 Democratic National Convention and 2016 Republican National Convention were a significant boost to inspire women like her.

According to, the U.S. Money Reserve handles hundreds of thousands of clients across the country. The agency has a uniquely trained team that includes coin research and numismatic professionals who are equipped to find the products which offer highest profit potential for the buyers.

The agency is rated to be above the industry standards to provide superior customer service and establishing long term relationship with their clients.

There are many reasons why you should buy gold. Gold in particular is well-known for its scarcity and demand considering that it is a depleting resource which will continue increasing its value and price.

The paper currency, on the other hand, has its value tagged to the stability of an economy and how the money is being managed by the agency responsible.

The value of paper currency is dependent on other factors such as the price of crucial commodities such as oil, stocks, and utilities.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Is Jose Manuel Gonzales the Messiah that Guárico has Been Waiting for?
You have probably come across the name Jose Manuel Gonzales when looking at the politics of Guárico State. He was elected by Guárico state constituents to represent them in the national assembly. However, his service in the Guárico politics was marked short after being voted out by his party members.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has shown a keen interest in the politics of Venezuela even after his service in the government being terminated. He is particularly concerned with the status of the economy of the country. Jose Manuel believes that with the right representatives, the state of the economy could change.

He is particularly concerned with the food availability in the country. He blames the government for the food smuggling crisis in the country. This situation, he attributes to the fact that the government buys food products from the farmers at very oppressive prices. This gives the farmers no choice but to sneak their product to neighboring states that are willing to buy their products at better rates.

Gonzalez also states that if the government paid higher rates to farmers for their food products, they would look at farming as a stable career. However, as at now, the citizens cannot rely on farming and hence opt for other careers other than farming.

This renowned businessman also talks about the fuel in the country. He is surprised that even with the country being so rich in this resource, they still have to import oil and at ridiculously high prices for that matter. He advises that the government invests in mining the fuel in their country. The oil could be sold locally at lower prices and even exported to other countries to boost the economy.

He also talks about the private sector. He suggests that the government stops harassing them. He warns about the government threatening to increase the wage rates. This would deter people from investing. Gonzalez talks of solutions that would see the country’s economy move forward. The people should also be wary of who they elect to represent them.

George Soros’ Views on How to Support the New Ukraine

After a series of scary violence, the Ukrainian revolution has resulted in a positive outcome. It beats logic how a group of citizens carrying sticks and cardboard boxes-shields overpowered the police who were firing live ammunition. While there were many casualties, the protestors were able to kick President Victor F. Yanukovych out of power. Even as Ukraine is at the receiving end of Russian military assault, its citizens have kept their spirits high and are hoping to restore peace in their country.

A new Ukraine

According to Soros, the new Ukraine is striving to become a complete opposite of the old one that was characterized by numerous integrity breaches and corruption scandals. This transformation proves that Ukrainian nationalists are open-minded and willing to do what all it takes to open their country to democracy, modernity, and Europe. Maidan has been instrumental in transforming the nation and making it a safe and a better place. Maidan’s supporters have transitioned from opposing to being active nation builders.


Many citizens have proved their loyalty to their nation by relinquishing their well-paying jobs to serve in the government as well as parliament as volunteers. For instance, Natalie Jaresko, who previously served as an investment banker is now the finance minister earning a few hundred dollars per month. The volunteers are playing a significant role in managing the internally displaced people camps and serving as advisors to local governments and ministers.

Challenges that new Ukraine faces

The goal of becoming the opposite of the old Ukraine is proving to be a difficult task for the new Ukraine for George Soros. The old one is firmly rooted in a state bureaucracy, which has worked in close collaboration with corrupt politicians and business leaders. The determined effort of Vladimir V. Putin, Russia’s President, to destabilize Ukraine is frustrating the efforts of reformers.

The new Ukraine is also keeping secrets from the rest of its citizens. The Ukrainian public does not know that the radical reforms have only been formulated but not implemented. The nation is lacking a demonstrative project to prove to its citizen that the reforms are in play. For example, even after the restructuring of Ukrainian police force, citizens still need to pay bribes to get driver’s license.

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How the European Nation can help Ukraine

European political leaders should take advantage of the largely untapped EU’s borrowing capacity to avail a bigger financial package to the Ukraine. The financial aid will help the Ukrainian government implement the radical reforms.

– The Balance of Payments Assistance docket that was used for Romania and Hungary has idle funds of $47.5 billion while European Financial Stability, which was used for Ireland has unused funds of $15.8 billion. While the use both dockets are limited to Europe, the EU can use them to finance Ukraine reforms.

– Bonds project being carried out by the European Investment Bank could generate over 10 billion. These funds could be utilized to link Ukraine to a bigger European gas market. The changes can enhance the energy efficiency of Ukraine and generate high returns.

George Soros is an established entrepreneur, currency speculator, and terrific investor. He is the owner of Soros Fund Management as well as its Chairman. He founded Open Society Foundations and currently serves as the Chairman.

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