The Spark Tank Program by Marc Sparks

Spark Tank is a concept innovated and crafted by Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora. The two have worked together and grown in business for over 15 years, facing challenges and obstacles, and gaining the experience and knowledge of how to face and overcome the various business obstacles and challenges one can face in business.

The two were convinced that there are great entrepreneurs in the society with impeccable ideas that can promote social success when funded. This is how Spark Tank came to be. The program aims at funding grants while ensuring accountability.

For one to qualify to apply for this program, there are some restrictive qualifications they must attain first. The applicant must have a history that is at least two years old and has to be a 501c3 organization member. Animal services, human services, the arts, are all eligible for the program.

The National Charities, Political Action Committees, faith-based initiatives with religious purposes and, United Way Charites, are however not eligible.

How the Spark Tank concept works is simple. The social service executives who have the spirit of entrepreneurship register, and present their tactical and strategic business and communication development ideas in the program. The best and impressive ideas give the owners a chance to work with marketing experts. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

The presenters are each given 10 minutes to make a presentation for their project. This is done in front of a judge panel. Another 10 minutes is programmed for the judges’ questions and feedback.

The presentation has to be made in a certain way for effectiveness. The presenters must ensure that with every visual they use, they must make a point. This is to avoid wastage of time with things that do not really matter. The story they tell with their data must also be legitimate.

A well-presented and legitimate data makes it easier to win the interests of investors. Presenters should also consider keeping it as simple as possible. The complicated a presentation is, the more it loses its logic and interest from the investors.


Also for every idea being brought, the entire team behind it should be brought to the presentation. A team presentation goes a long way in showcasing the passion, professionalism and the drive a team has.

For those with interesting and world changing ideas, Spark Tank is just but the right place to get the ideas out and build them into a success story.

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, a businessman and venture capitalists from America. He acts as the head of Timber Creek Capital while maintaining multiple portfolio companies. Marc Sparks has been in the business sector for a while, owning and operating several businesses including real estate, business solutions, and venture investing.

He has been involved in several philanthropic activities aimed at giving back to the society. He also has a book he is working on entitled ‘The Can’t Eat You’ that gives a summary of his life and gives a trace of the path to success.

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New clothing line for Pittsburgh Steelers has fans glowing

The Pittsburgh Steelers got a win recently with the fans, and they didn’t play a single game to do it. The black and gold turned many heads with a new clothing line that fans are raving about. Gone are the days of only traditional team gear. Now, the fans of the Steelers can walk around in some of the most fashionable team clothing anywhere.

The orchestrator of the new clothing line is Susan McGalla, a person who is well-known in fashion circles. She is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers, and she has a great resume. She was the president of American Eagle Outfitters, as well as the former CEO of Wet Seal.

Susan McGalla’s idea of getting Steeler clothing into the mainstream is genius, and it’s paying dividends. She started this process by creating focus groups to find out what people wanted in their team gear. By listening to what the fans had to say, Susan McGalla has made team clothing fashionable, something people could even wear to work.

Women are pleased as well. They wanted more choices for women that made them feel more feminine. Women and girls alike wanted to see more styles and more pink in the team gear, and they got their wish.

Fans wanted to know how they could get the same kind of gear that head coach Mike Tomlin or their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wore. Thanks to Susan McGalla, now they can get those items on the new and improved website, where they can see numerous items and choose what they want.

The Steelers have a new campaign called “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steeler Friday”, where fans can dress up in black and gold, take a picture and enter to win a chance at a Steeler-themed wardrobe.

Learn more about Susan McGalla:

Shea Butter: A Trusted All Natural Ingredient

The importance of using natural ingredients has become quite the trend nowadays. The benefits of all natural products is so popular and desirable. Shea butter is one the natural products that holds many benefits to people worldwide. It is used in many different situations for very different reasons. It’s versatility has made Shea butter an ingredient that is found in many different products.

Shea butter is mostly known for its moisturizing purposes. It is very good at keeping the skin healthy and hydrated and can even be found in many chapsticks. Shea butter derives from the African Shea Tree and is simply a fat. This fat is a miracle ingredient used for many things. It is used for cooking in many countries. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory on swollen parts of the body. Shea butter naturally provides a bit of UV protection which is a plus as well. One huge use that it serves is it helps the elasticity of the skin. Therefore many pregnant women use shea butter during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks or reduce the appearance of them. It also has an anti-aging element, which promotes natural collagen production in the skin. The list goes on and on- Shea butter can do so many different things for you!

One fantastic brand worth mentioning is Eugenia Shea. This company is known for their three different strengths of shea butter: pregnancy strength, dermatological strength and everyday strength. The pregnancy strength is perfect for preventing those awful stretch marks. The everyday use is perfect for keeping skin smooth and healthy. And lastly, the dermatological strength is used on hard problem areas. If you suffer from excema, for example, this formula would be ideal for you.

Eugenia Shea prides itself on providing 100% natural Shea butter. There formulas have been proven beneficial in each scenario and the brand is highly trusted. If you are a fan of using an all natural ingredient to help the health of your skin, Eugenia Shea is for you!