Jason Hope Believes That Technology Could Make The Impossible Possible

What College Did Jason Hope Attend?

He is a graduate of Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, and he has an M.B.A. Jason Hope maintained high grades throughout his time at the university.

His Career As An Entrepreneur:

Jason Hope started a successful mobile communications company. The name of his company is Mobile Communication Technology. He also invests in many of the most important tech companies. He has made many profitable investments, and his investment strategies are guided by his knowledge of the tech sector.

He feels that technological advancement is important. Also, Jason Hope has theories about what new technologies are likely to become commonplace in the future. As a futurist, he shares these ideas with the public. One technology that he feels will become exceptionally important in the modern era is the Internet of Things. This technology has already changed our way of life.

What Other Causes Does He Believe In?

He feels that education is important, and he works as a mentor for high school students. In addition, Jason Hope helps small businesses find grant funding. He also makes investments in companies that are getting off the ground. Jason Hope is politically active, and he has made donations to political campaigns.

Perfecting Anti-Aging Technology:

Jason Hope feels that reversing the process of aging could be possible, and there are other people who share this belief. There are many scientists who are working on developing this technology. Hope believes that a drug could be designed to prevent the aging process on a cellular level.

Jason Hope feels that some of the most difficult to treat aging-related diseases could be completely reversed with therapies that reverse the aging process on a cellular level. He also feels that these diseases could be prevented with medications. One organization that is working on developing these medications is the SENS Foundation. SENS stands for Strategies For Engineered Negligeable Senesesance. Jason Hope has given more money to this organization than any other donor. He donated 500,000 dollars to The SENS Foundation. This donation brought the organization closer to creating effective anti-aging drugs.

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Developer José Auriemo Neto Made Brazil a Better Place

When José Auriemo Neto started working on the developments he currently has, he knew it would be something that could grow and something he could use to his advantage for years to come. José Auriemo Neto knew there was a lot of work he would have to do to make Brazil a better place but he also knew he would be the right person for the job. Since he had come such a long way in the industry, he was prepared to continue making a positive impact for the people who were in Brazil and who wanted to see positive changes in Brazil.

All the times that José Auriemo Neto has created different things for the people who he works with have added up and made things better for him. He knew there would be major changes to the industry but he was prepared for it. He chose to make his business economy-proof and made everything better for himself. José Auriemo Neto knew there were many different things he could do to make the industry better so he chose to have a better impact on the economy. He also knew there would be a positive impact on the community he was familiar with if he was doing the right thing for himself.

Since there were so many different issues with the economy when José Auriemo Neto first started out, he felt it was his job to try and fix them. As a developer, he was able to make things better for people around the world. He also knew Brazil needed someone like him if it was going to grow any more than what it had in the past. José Auriemo Neto was prepared for a big job and that’s what gave him the motivation to continue working toward a better future for the people who were in Brazil.


Imran Haque Is A Kind Man

Different doctors take on different types of work and specialize in dealing with different types of illnesses. Imran Haque is a doctor of internal medicine. He is someone who has been trained well and who knows what he is doing. He is someone who is respected because of the work that he does and the knowledge that he has. This man is based in North Carolina, and he has spent more than fifteen years healing those who are faced with all kinds of illnesses. Imran Haque is someone who is dedicated to the work that he does, and he is someone who cares about the community where his practice is located.

When Imran Haque was asked in an interview for one tip that he has that can help people to find success, he shared that he lives by the Golden Rule. He believes that a person needs to treat others in the way that they would like to be treated if they are going to make it. If a person would like to start a business and grow that to become great, that person has to be willing to look out for others just as they are looking out for their own needs and more

In addition to living by the Golden Rule, Imran Haque has shared that he tries hard to treat others with kindness at all times. He is someone who goes around making sure that those around him are treated in the way that they should be treated. He does not mistreat anyone who comes into contact with him. He supports his community, and he is kind to all who are in his life. This man is someone who is deserving of respect because of the way that he treats those who are around him and because of the kindness that makes him who he is.

Eric Lefkofsky: Recap and General Information

This article contains information about Eric Lefkofsky. Close to twelve years ago he and his wife decided to establish a foundation by the family. In doing this they wanted to focus on causes that they thought needed more work done on. There were four topics, medical discoveries, human rights, education, as well as civic causes.

This organization took $3 trillion on health Care in America. He agrees that that they are spending the trillion dollars every year that they have no need to spend. The big picture he believes is that they are on the brink of a new era of medicine and technology. This is going to depend quickly on how they manage disease and treat patients. He also believes that when big data is brought in with artificial intelligence and machine learning, it will lower deaths by more than 50% in the following 25 years. The advances of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and molecular sequencing will arm us in ways that weren’t imaginable by the ones who are currently fighting on the front line.

Now some general information regarding Eric Lefkofsky. Eric was born in Detroit Michigan on September 2, 1969. He is the CEO and co-founder of a company called Tempus. The company has built an operating system that helps those with Cancer. He has developed an organization in 2006 called the “Lefkofsky Family Foundation”. He has done this with his wife to advance those high-impact ingenuity’s which are enhancing lives in the communities served.

Lefkofsky, is also the Chairman and co-founder of (NASDAQ: GRPN). This is a global e-commerce marketplace. He is also a co-founder of a company called Uptake Technologies, this is a leading predictive analytics platform for the biggest industries of the world. Another example is NASDAQ: InnerWorkings, this is a global provider of promotional and managed print solutions.

Lefkofsky, had graduated from the University of Michigan. He also, at the University of Michigan Law School has received his Juris Doctor. He currently is an adjunct professor of the University of Chicago. He is also an author of the book “Accelerated Disruption”.

His Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Tony Petrello Turns His Daughter’s Struggle With CP Into Hope For All Children With Developmental Disabilities

Tony Petrello’s commitment to Texas Children’s Hospital is deeply personal. Eight years ago his wife Cynthia gave birth to their daughter Carena, who was three months premature.

As a result of being premature, Carena was born with Cerebral Palsy caused by Periventricular Leukomalacia. Periventricular Leukomalacia is a condition in which a premature baby’s brain is starved of oxygen.

The Petrello’s searched worldwide to find a facility whose research provided answers that could help their daughter. Those efforts, left Tony Petrello convinced that research on brain conditions affecting children was lacking. Consequently, he resolved to aid research that would make it possible for all children with developmental disorders live the best possible life.

Toward that end, he and his wife made a $7 million dollar donation. The money went to the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony Petrello currently serves on the hospital’s Board of Trustees.

According to analystoffinance.com the 300,000 square foot facility that bears his name was made possible by a $50 million contribution by Enterprise Products Chairman and Director Dan Duncan and his wife. Enterprise owns 51,000 miles of crude oil and natural gas pipeline.

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Today, Carena Petrello struggles valiantly to acquire basic skills most of us take for granted. A year ago at the age of seven, she learned to eat solid foods. Her next objective is to walk and talk.

Tony Petrello is the President, Chairman of the board and CEO of Nabors a supplier of oil drilling rigs. In 1991 he held seats on the company’s Board of Directors and Executive Board. Over the last 26 years, he has held multiple executive positions at Nabors.

His working life began at the law firm Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in international arbitration and tax and general corporate law. By the end of Tony Petrello’s 12-year career with the firm, he had risen to become their New York City office’s Managing Partner.

His academic achievements include a law degree from Harvard. He also holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Yale.

While at Yale Tony Petrello became acquainted with Serge Lang. A professor of mathematics Mr. Lang would become Mr. Petrello’s mentor and lifelong friend.

When Professor Lang passed away in 2016 Tony Petrello decided to honor his friend’s memory by establishing a $150,000 endowment in his name. Later it would expand to match other contributions to the endowment up to $150,000.

Search more about Tony Petrello: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/05/27/why-nabors-ceo-wont-top-best-paid-bosses-list-again-in-2014/

Securus Technologies Wants to Improve Prisons For Inmates and Their Workers

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and is working to secure the safety of over 3,500 people in public safety and other law enforcement jobs. The agency is working to create a better tomorrow for inmates and their families along with the people who work within the prison walls.


There are over a million inmates who are incarcerated at one time in the United States. Of those inmates, there are crime levels of inmate to inmate attacks that could be prevented with the right sources, teachings, products or services. It is the job of Securus Technologies to come up with different ways to decrease the levels of crime rates in the prison system.


Every year, Securus Technologies is asked to help with solving the crime rate inside of prisons. Their main goal weekly is to come up with a new and exciting way to lessen the crime levels whether it is from eliminating contraband inside the prisons or finding a way to prove what crimes have been committed and who is responsible for the crime.


There are certain things that go on inside a jail which could be prevented if the right services and products are used. For instance, if an inmate has a contraband phone and attempts to use the phone, the phone will be unable to access the mobile network from within the prison walls.


Another good idea that Securus has worked on is the recording of all calls being placed from within the walls of the prison. These phone calls can then be listened to in order to hear a burden of proof that needs to met for an inmate who is responsible for a crime. If the inmate speaks to someone about the crime that they are charged with, the call can then be played back and can be used in a trial to prove that the inmate was responsible for the crime they are charged with.

Making The Lime Crime Dream a Reality

Starting a makeup brand from scratch might have sounded like a crazy idea to some people, but to Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the whole idea just made perfect sense. Deere is a Russian emigre who came to the United States as a teenager, and she’s always been known for following her dreams. Deere started out as a musician in New York City, and her experiences as a promoter for her band taught her a lot about how to market a creative entity. She followed her dream with an online fashion company, and then used what she learned about color and online marketing and moved into cosmetics. Today, Lime Crime is a hugely popular brand, but beneath it all is the woman who kept following her idea of what really looks good.

To Deere, the unicorn is a symbol of something beautiful and unique, which is why the unicorn is also a symbol for Lime Crime. This line has Unicorn lipsticks and Unicorn hair color, and the colors Lime Crime uses are bold and beautiful, with a rock and roll edge that’s incredibly attractive. To Deere, using purple, pink and blue for hair and lip colors is an idea whose time has come, so who’s to say she shouldn’t use it in her brand?

Using Social Media to Great Effect

Deere’s savvy use of the Internet is a big part of this brand’s success. Lime Crime’s Instagram page is interactive, and uses pictures of the brand’s real users to show off new looks. The page has become wildly popular with users, and its interactive use has made it take off into the stratosphere. All of this is just another innovation from Lime Crime and Doe Deere.

In years past, the idea of pink or purple hair might have thrown some people, but not Doe Deere. To Deere, being beautiful is what it’s all about, and if pink hair makes a woman look good, then so be it. That’s the philosophy that lead Lime Crime to success, and Doe Deere took it all the way. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

Desiree Perez on the Future of Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is one of the mostly hidden forces behind the rise of Roc Nation, the legendary hip-hop company established by Jay Z. In 2008, Jay Z and Roc Nation signed a contract with the company Live Nation for 10 years, $150 million. The contract helped to elevate Jay Z’s already sizable profile while also helping to raise the bar for the musicians at Roc Nation. Now, with the deal set to expire, Roc Nation and Live Nation have some very serious conversations to engage in. Roc Nation, with Jay Z and Desiree Perez in charge, are now looking at potential options for future endeavors.

Live Nation deal with Roc Nation has a ‘buy-sell’ clause triggered in 2018 and that means that Roc Nation could be a free agent in as little as a year. Roc Nation has a roster of talented, in-demand artists, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, Jay Z, Fat Joe and Shakira. Perez has been hands-on in cultivating the rise of Rihanna into a worldwide megastar. It makes sense that Perez would be included in potential deals and that is why eyebrows were raised when Jay and Perez sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group. UMG and Jay Z have had a quality relationship for years but now their contact is taking on a renewed focus. An insider close to UMG said of their meeting with Jay, “Our partnership is pretty significant as it is. Jay Z is phenomenal and it would be great to get further into business with him.”

Jay Z and Desiree Perez have a variety of different options to consider before signing on the new dotted line for Roc Nation’s future. Roc Nation and Jay Z have played their cards relatively close to the vest over the past year so it remains to be seen what direction they will be going in.

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Eric Lefkofsky, Co-Founder of Tempus Technologies leads the way for cancer research

Extending beyond the world of science and medicine, the fight for cancer relies on data and information that changes the way we use the internet to transform the health care system. This information is the key to personalizing cancer treatment and patient care because it all starts on a molecular level, which is why the collection of this data is crucial.

Tempus, a Chicago based company is leading the research industry with the development of the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data. It’s also serves as an operating system that makes this data useful. By collecting massive amounts of data through connections with hospitals and academic institutions, Eric lefkofsky and his team created a two-fold system that allows doctors access to clinical trials that help them determine the most effective treatments for their patients. To know more about him click here.

Lefkofsky saw the treatment first hand when someone close to him was diagnosed with cancer. This process left him feeling dismayed by how little modern technology was used in the treatment process. He learned that cancer research wasn’t as easily understood as it should, even though this data has been constantly collected. Tempus Technologies bridges this gap and helps doctors make more informed decisions based on the data presented to them.

Eric Lefkosky, a Philanthropist and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006, and both serve as a member of the Giving Pledge donating part of their earnings to charities. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Technologies and says that “Tempus is unique as it is an end to end solution.”

Lefkofsky serves on the Board of Trustees of the Lurie’s Children Hospital in Chicago, as well as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company based in Chicago.

A wikipedia on Equities First Holding

Equites First Holdings is a Financial foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana. The address of the organization is 10 w advertise st 3050. In the event that you needed to achieve the organization you would have the capacity to call them at 317 429 3500. The organization is known for giving secretaries that are situated in loaning for of all shapes and sizes organizations and in addition the individual financial specialist. The advances gave depend on assessments that the organization makes. The organization looks into each credit or finical open door see which is the best, while measuring hazard verses remunerate. The organization esteems stocks, bond, and treasuries charges with a specific end goal to make their assessments on the monetary atmosphere. The organization began from Indiana in mid 2002. From that point forward the organization have possessed the capacity to loan a great many individuals’ bonds with the end goal for them to be better arranged for their monetary future. The organization now has a satellite office in New York City where the direct business with the neighborhood elites.